University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Meeting
October 8, 2009
University Center at 2:30 p.m.

Members Present

Dr. Edythe Abdullah, Mr. John Barnes, Mr. Wilfredo Gonzalez, Mrs. Ann Hicks, Mrs. Joannie Newton, Mrs. Wanyonyi Kendrick, Mrs. Joy Korman, Dr. Katherine Robinson, Dr. Bruce Taylor 

Members Absent

Mr. Luther Coggin, Mrs. Toni Crawford, Mr. Hugh Greene, Mr. Kevin Twomey 

Item 1 Call to Order

Chair Taylor recognized a quorum and called the meeting to order.  

Item 2 Chair’s Report

Chair Taylor reported on the Board’s discussion regarding the President’s performance, noting that the Board was thankful for President Delaney and his efforts on behalf of the university. Chair Taylor also commented on the Power of Transformation kick-off event, mentioning that it was well done. 

Item 3 President’s Report

President Delaney commented on the Power of Transformation, mentioning how the university was reaching beyond traditional supporters. He also commented that student involvement added tremendous significance to the event. 

Item 4 Open Comments

Chair Taylor offered an opportunity for comments from those in attendance. Upon receiving no comments, he moved forward with the meeting. 

Item 5 Consent Agenda

Chair Taylor stated that, in addition to the minutes, there were five items on the consent agenda – four items from the Finance and Audit Committee and one item from the Educational Policy Committee. He clarified that all items had been through their respective committees and emerged with a recommendation for approval by the full Board.  He asked if trustees wished to pull any items from the consent agenda for further discussion. No requests were made so Chair Taylor asked for a MOTION for approval for the consent agenda. A MOTION was offered by Trustee Gonzalez and seconded by Trustee Robinson. The consent agenda was approved as presented. 

Item 6 Reports from the Finance and Audit Committee

Chair Taylor asked Trustee Kendrick to present these reports. 


Trustee Kendrick provided highlights from the Finance and Audit Committee meeting, mentioning that the UNF Training and Service Institute, Inc. had provided much needed funding for the university. She thanked Vice President Shuman for her work in supporting that organization. Trustee Kendrick noted that the university was looking forward to continuing the commitment with MOCA Jacksonville. She then asked Vice President Shuman to present these reports. 

Item 6A Direct Service Organization’s (DSO’s) Audits: (1) UNF Training and Services Institute, Inc., (2) UNF Foundation, Inc., (3) UNF Financing Corporation

Vice President Shuman stated that this report would include three of UNF’s DSO, with MOCA Jacksonville being presented separately. She clarified that these three audits were clean with no management comments. Also, no issues were reported at the exit conference.  


This item was provided for information only. No further action was required. 

Item 6B MOCA Jacksonville (Budget and Financial Statements)

Vice President Shuman stated that MOCA’s fiscal year changed to June 30 so these statements represented a nine month comparative. She reported that the financial statements were conservative and forecasted a loss for this year. She noted that the MOCA Jacksonville board had good donor commitments and felt secure that the endowment level would reach $600,000. President Delaney stated that UNF would assess this DSO in the spring and take a look at the next fiscal year. He reported that the university was clearly meeting the academic positives that were hoped for. 


This item was provided for information only. No further action was required. 

Item 6C Capital Projects Quarterly Report and Change Orders

Vice President Shuman reported that all capital projects with major change orders were in close-out mode. She elaborated on the remaining two capital projects which were the Student Wellness and Sports Education Center and the science and humanities building (biology). She stated that programming was completed on the Student Wellness and Sports Education Center and the project was now waiting on funding. The biology building was through the programming phase and into the design phase. The university would seek the remainder of PECO funding for this building during the following fiscal year. 


Vice President Shuman provided details regarding change orders and clarified that these were all within the confines of the Board’s delegation to the President. 


This report was provided for information only. No further action was required. 

Item 6D Accounts Receivable Write-offs

Vice President Shuman stated that the Board had delegated authority for accounts receivable write-offs to the President, for amounts under $10,000. She clarified that this report would account for these write-offs, as of June 30, 2009. She stated that the summary of accounts receivable write-offs showed a bulk write-off on old parking tickets and fines which occurred at this time as part of a system change and would not be repeated. She also mentioned the financial aid was a result of overpayments and collection efforts were underway. 


This report was provided for information only. No further action was required. 

Item 6E Quarterly Budget Report

Vice President Shuman reported that the university was able to stay within budget, even with the mid-year cuts. She stated that divisional budgets had remaining dollars from salary savings which would be added back to central reserves and would offset the budget cuts. 


Vice President Shuman reported on the auxiliaries, stating that most businesses transferred funds to the Student Union project and the Brooks College of Health expansion. She provided commentary on the status report explaining the available fund balance, noting that all transfers were done at the end of the year to pay off capital projects. 


This report was provided for information only. No additional action was required. 

Item 6F Treasurer’s Report

Vice President Shuman reported that the university earned $3.7 million in interest income and clarified that interest income was slowly recovering over time. She stated that the university was well invested and diversified. 


This report was provided for information only. No further action was required. 

Item 7 Reports from the Educational Policy Committee

Trustee Hicks asked Associate Vice President Campbell to present the first of these reports. 

Item 7A New Administrative and Faculty Hires

Associate Vice President Campbell reported that the university hired three administrators and 13 faculty members – all critical for enrollment or accreditation. She noted that the President had released 40 new positions which showed that the university was overcoming difficult economic times. 


This report was for information only. 

Item 7B Fall 2009 Student Profile

Associate Vice President Kaye reported that the university’s enrollment for fall 2009 was over 16,500 students. She provided highlights for the student profile, noting that the average SAT was 1199.2 and the average GPA was 3.73. She added that geographic diversity was up slightly and minority enrollment was flat. Associate Vice President Kaye clarified that the university was able to maintain diversity and increase the student profile. 


Associate Vice President Kaye spoke about the Jacksonville Commitment initiative, stating that UNF’s first class of 39 students was retained at 100 percent.  She announced that the program had 75 new students enrolled at UNF for the 2009-2010 academic year. 


Mr. John Yancey, Director of Admissions, compared the 2008-2009 academic year to the current year, stating that headcount was up about 1,100 and the student profile had significant increases. He also mentioned that transfer student enrollment had more than doubled. Comparisons were made for the previous 10 years, showing that the university was indeed making an impact on the local community. 


Trustees asked the administration to be mindful of students who may not meet such high standards. The administration clarified that Florida State College, Jacksonville was an alternative for these students, with the possibility of transferring into UNF. Trustees asked the administration to add this discussion to an upcoming workshop. 

Item 8 Adjournment

Chair Taylor provided closing remarks noting that in order for UNF to be a regional university of national prominence, it was important to promote diversity and to achieve the goals included in the vision and mission statements. 


Chair Taylor adjourned the meeting.