University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

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June 22, 2009
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Item 1 University of North Florida’s Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan 

This is to serve as notice of a proposed revision to the University of North Florida’s Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan, which will be voted on by the University of North Florida Board of Trustees and submitted to the Board of Governors on July 31.   The recommended revision to the Capital Improvement Plan is to increase 2010-2011 funding for the Science and Humanities Building from $5,414,565 to $10,414,565. The content of the email being sent to the UNF Board of Trustees which describes the proposed action and the trustees electronic votes can be viewed below.
If any member of the public has questions or comments on this proposed revision they can call Tom Serwatka at (904) 620-2500 or email

Electronic Vote

Action Item 1 Revision of the Capital Improvement Plan

At the Board’s June meeting you approved the Capital Improvement Plan which we submit to the Board of Governors in making our request for PECO funding. The second item on the Plan was a request for the remaining funds needed to construct the new Science and Humanities (biology) Building.  We have already received 2 allocations toward this building.
The request for the third installment which you approved at the June 25 meeting was for $5,414,565.  In completing the building program we discovered that we needed an additional 20,000 square feet of space beyond our original estimate (90,000 square feet). This means that we must increase our funding request to $10,914,565.
Because this Plan has to be submitted by July 31, we are asking that you vote yes or no via email.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.
Trustee Edythe Abdullah -- YES
Trustee John Barnes -- YES
Trustee Luther Coggin -- YES
Trustee Wilfredo Gonzalez -- YES
Trustee Hugh Greene -- YES
Trustee Ann Hicks -- YES
Trustee Wanyonyi Kendrick -- YES
Trustee Joy Korman -- YES
Trustee Katherine Robinson -- YES
Chair Bruce Taylor -- YES
Trustee Kevin Twomey -- YES