University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Conference Call
October 17, 2002
at 2:30 p.m.

Trustees in Attendance  

Mr. Luther Coggin, Ms. Toni Crawford, Mr. O’Neal Douglas, Mr. Wilfredo Gonzalez, Mr. Steve Halverson, Ms. Donna L. Harper, Ms. Ann Hicks, Ms. Joan Wellhouse Newton, Mr. Hank Rogers, and Ms. Carol Thompson.

Trustees Unable to Attend 

Mr. James Stallings, Mr. Kevin Twomey, and Dr. Floyd Willis.  

Item 1 Call to Order

Item 2 Approval of Minutes (September 19, 2002 and September 30, 2002)

Chair Thompson called the meeting to order and asked Ms. Karen Stone to take roll.  


Following the roll call, Chair Thompson returned to a topic discussed in the last Board meeting expressing her concern that a commitment by the Board to even enter the exploratory phase of application to NCAA Division I could lead to a negative reaction from the University community, should a decision ultimately be made to discontinue the application process. Therefore, she felt, and the Board agreed, that the topic should be well researched prior to any commitment from the Board. She asked that the minutes reflect this decision. She also asked when the report on the possible financial ramifications of application to Division I requested at the last Board meeting would be forthcoming. Dr. Kline indicated that it should be available by the November meeting. 


Chair Thompson requested a motion to approve the minutes from the September 19 meeting. The motion was made by Trustee Douglas, seconded by Trustee Newton, and approved unanimously by the Board.  She requested a motion for acceptance of the September 30 conference call minutes as well. Trustee Gonzalez made the motion and it was seconded by Trustee Halverson. The motion passed unanimously.


Chair Thompson said that she would hold her report until the end of the conference call to ensure sufficient time to conduct the rest of the business on the agenda.

Item 3 President’s Report

President Kline stated that Founder’s Week had been extremely successful, specifically referring to the addresses from former UNF President Carpenter and Jaime Escalante and the conclusion to the events: the gift announcement from Blanche and Luther Coggin.    


Dr. Kline spoke of the progress made in continuing efforts to strengthen the Strategic Plan, creating a more precise and comprehensive document.  


He asked that Karen Stone give an update on efforts by United Faculty of Florida (UFF) to remain the faculty union for the University. Ms. Stone reminded the group that as of the last Board meeting, UFF had filed a petition seeking certification as the bargaining unit for faculty of this University. Subsequent to the last meeting, UFF withdrew that petition and was now seeking a petition for declaratory statement from the Public Employee Relations Commission. Under rule, this petition must be published, at which point the University would have twenty days to respond. She said she would keep the Board informed of further developments on this issue.

Item 4 Educational Policy Committee Report 

Committee Chair Hicks asked if Dr. Camp was available. Dr. Serwatka answered that he would be standing in for Dr. Camp. Chair Hicks issued an open invitation to anyone interested in attending the Educational Policy Committee meetings, stating that a great deal of information was discussed and that attendance at the meetings was a useful way to stay informed of current University issues.   


At the last EPC meeting, Deborah Kaye gave a report on this year’s recruitment efforts. Ms. Kaye informed the committee that there were currently 13,670 students enrolled at the University. Average entering SAT scores had increased from 1125 to 1135.  Freshman applications had increased eight percent and applications were up four percent overall. The rate of minority enrollments was the same as it was last year, although the number of minority students has increased as has the entire University population.


Shawn Brayton also visited the meeting to discuss the college rankings by U.S. News and World Report. Chair Hicks suggested that Ms. Brayton address the Board regarding this report.


The Board of Education decided against a baccalaureate needs assessment done by all state universities. However, the Educational Policy Committee approved of the idea and concluded that the University should move forward with its own study.

Item 4A Tenure Nomination for Sandra Gupton 

Chair Hicks said that she would like to propose a motion that tenure for Sandra Gupton be approved. She then requested that Dr. Serwatka explain the issue of tenure.  


Dr. Serwatka stated that the subject of tenure would probably come up twice each year. Should the subject be broached during the fall semester, it would generally be due to the hiring of a new faculty member, usually an administrator. In this case, the person hired would have been tenured at another university. As part of the hiring process, the department for which the individual was to be hired would vote on whether to approve tenure at UNF. Upon approval by the department, the recommendation would then be put before the Board for a final decision.  During the spring semester, the tenure issue would be of a more traditional nature, dealing with faculty who had been with the University for six or seven years and applied for tenure through their departments. The departments would vote on a recommendation and the decision would be referred to the Board.


Dr. Serwatka stated that the decision currently before the Board was in relation to tenure for Sandra Gupton, recently hired as Chair of Curriculum and Instruction to be tenured in Educational Leadership. The department voted to approve her tenure. As the motion was proposed by the committee, no second was required. The motion was unanimously approved.


Chair Hicks reiterated her open invitation to attend the committee meetings. Trustee Gonazlez asked if Board members would be given notice of the next Educational Policy Committee meeting. Chair Hicks replied in the affirmative. Chair Thompson agreed that this was a good suggestion, that Board members should be notified of all committee meetings in order to ensure optimal participation.

Item 5 Finance and Audit Committee Report 

Committee Chair Halverson said that he would like to follow Trustee Hicks’ lead and issued an open invitation for anyone who was interested in attending Finance and Audit Committee meetings.

Item 5A Housing and Rental Rates 

Chair Halverson brought everyone’s attention to the spreadsheet entitled Housing Operations Revenue and Expenditures. He indicated that the committee was seeking a four and a half percent rental increase, principally due to the debt-to-service covenant which requires increased amounts each year as the bond rate was not amortized evenly. He stated that in order to be fiscally responsible, the rate increase would be necessary. He added that campus housing was full and was projected to be full next term as well. Chair Halverson motioned for the committee to approve the rate increase and opened the floor for questions or comments. Dr. Serwatka indicated that this issue would come up twice this year, now and again in April, to give the housing department sufficient notice to post costs in time for incoming students. After this year, the issue would be regularly addressed once per year. The Board approved the motion unanimously.

Item 5B Purchasing Rules and Regulations 

Chair Halverson stated that due to devolution, various policies and procedures would require approval by the Board. He indicated that the proposed purchasing rule, as promulgated, was substantially the same as the rule that the University previously operated under and was consistent with rules promulgated by other universities. The rule also complied with relevant state law regarding procurement of goods and services. He offered the motion and requested that Karen Stone give further explanations.  


Ms. Stone stated that the required rule development workshop had been held on October 14. She spoke of two minor changes recommended in the workshop. Additionally, she requested that the Board authorize staff to make technical and/or wording adjustments as necessary. Chair Halverson concurred, stating that such authorization would save the Trustees a great deal of time and effort. Both motions were unanimously approved.

Item 5C Traffic and Parking Rule 

Chair Halverson indicated that the parking rule reflected existing practice and motioned to have the rule approved. It passed unanimously.

Item 5D  Tuition and Fees Rule      

On behalf of the committee, Chair Halverson moved that the last item, the rule for tuition and fees be approved. He stated that the fees were the same as those approved earlier by the Board and that the rule was the conventional one, which had been followed for some time but required approval in rule form. He asked for a second for the motion. The motion was seconded by Trustee Newton.  


Ms. Stone noted that there was a correction to the document. The credit card convenience fee had inadvertently been left out of the original rule. Janet Owen spoke to this change, stating that the fee was required in order to be able to offer credit card service to students who registered online, as the University was currently unable to add a surcharge for credit card use. The state university system has been working to change legislation to allow the surcharge for the last five years in the hope that they would eventually be allowed to operate similarly to community colleges. Unfortunately, this is the only allowable option to date. The amount of the convenience fee was determined through an average of cost to the University divided by the approximate number of registrations online. The Board approved the motion by unanimous vote.

Item 6 Policy on Naming Opportunities 

Dr. Allaire talked about the procedure for naming buildings, colleges and schools. After Board approval, naming requests for buildings would be forwarded to the legislature. Prior to submission to the Board, recommendations were reviewed by Institutional Advancement and the Associate Vice Presidents then presented to the President for approval. Chair Thompson asked for a motion to accept the policy, which was made by Trustee Hicks and seconded by Trustee Gonzalez.  The motion passed unanimously.

Item 7 Legislative Update 

The Board, prior to the legislative update, asked Janet Owen about her husband’s recovery. She expressed her appreciation for their support and concern and stated that he seemed to be doing a little better and would hopefully be released soon.   


Ms. Owen reported that the Office of Economic and Demographic Research indicated that General Revenue collections for the month of August were $78.3 million over the July estimate. Although Sales Tax collections fell below estimates for the month, it was only two percent less than year-to-date estimations. All other large sources of revenue were over estimation for the month.


Ms. Owen announced that the next Revenue Estimating Conference would be on November 15, and although revenue collection appeared to be maintaining well, should some of the proposed Constitutional amendments pass, such as the one on class size limitations, revenue would be impacted. There would be a built-in budget deficit of $1 billion for next year due to the funding of recurring items with non-recurring revenue and this, accompanied by other budget challenges, would certainly move the issue of increased flexibility in setting tuition and fees to the top of the priority list for many universities for the upcoming legislative session.


Regarding PECO estimates, Ms. Owen stated that the estimate of funds available for next year had increased significantly from $384 million to $596.6 million. While this amount would be less than the $807 million available last year, it would still be a significant increase from original estimates.


Ms. Owen announced that the Organizational Session in Tallahassee would begin on November 19. Interim regular and budget committee meetings would be held for three weeks in January and three weeks in February.


She said that the Duval Delegation would meet on November 13. Representative Mike Hogan was slated for Chair and Senator Steve Wise was likely to be appointed to the position of Vice Chair.


Ms. Owen updated the Board on the status of funding for Federal Fiscal Year 2003 multi-university priority projects in which UNF has a component research role. She also discussed the HUBS Project, for which UNF, through the Florida Institute of Education, was the lead institution.


After Ms. Owen concluded her report, Chair Thompson and Vice Chair Douglas encouraged the Trustees to remain informed of legislative issues. Trustee Halverson agreed, suggesting that Trustees use any avenues available to express their views of the possible ramifications of current legislative amendments. He stated that the public was interested in their views.

Item 8 Coggin College of Business Administration 

Chair Thompson spoke of her pleasure in attending the press announcement for the gift from Blanche and Luther Coggin, stating how much she and the rest of the Board appreciated their extremely generous gift. She said that she had taken the liberty of announcing the name of the College of Business as the Blanche and Luther Coggin College of Business Administration, as she knew she would have the full support of the Board. She asked for a motion to have the change officially approved by the Board. Trustee Douglas motioned to approve the change, which was seconded by Trustee Halverson. The Board unanimously and enthusiastically voted to approve the motion.  


Trustee Coggin thanked the Board, declaring that it was the biggest honor of his life to have the college named after him and that he believed it wouldn’t have been possible without Dean Earl Traynham. Chair Thompson expressed her appreciation for his recognition of Dr. Traynham and said that she knew Dr. Traynham was deeply honored and genuinely touched to have a professorship offered in his name. Trustee Halverson conveyed the sentiments of the Trustees, stating that they were honored to serve with Trustee Coggin. Chair Thompson said that although all of the members knew what an honor it was to have Trustee Coggin on the Board, they had not realized how high he would raise the bar on them.

Item 9 Chair’s Report 

Chair Thompson announced two new appointments: Dr. Bill Wilson was appointed to the Educational Policy Committee and Dr. Henry Thomas was appointed to the Administration and Finance Committee.  


Chair Thompson stated that although the Board had decided to delay the Presidential search until after the November election, the Transition Steering Committee was making progress and had narrowed the selection of search firms to five. These options would be further narrowed at the next Transition Steering Committee meeting. The committee would be prepared to begin the search process as soon as possible after the election. She encouraged all interested parties to attend the meeting on October 24 at 12:00 p.m. in room 1905 at the University Center.


Chair Thompson announced that Dr. William Proctor of the Florida Board of Education would be present at the next Board meeting, which would be held on November 21 at 3:00 p.m. in the University Center. The meeting was adjourned.