Transformational Learning Opportunities in the School of Nursing


Internship, fieldwork, service learning, and/or practicum opportunities:


All nursing students complete a series of field work experiences throughout each semester. All clinical courses (designated with a “c”) require the students to spend at least 3 contact hours per credit hour in a clinical setting. Some of these are under the direct supervision of the faculty. Another portion of these hours (12-15 per semester) are spent in the “home-base” (community site) in which they work collaboratively with community partners following the service learning philosophy. All students complete a Precepted clinical study in which they are assigned to a preceptor in the health care environment (most choose acute care). They follow the preceptor’s schedule and function in the role of a nurse.

After a visit to one of the clinical rotations Dr. Jaffee, an objective participant-observer stated:

“What I observed today represents, in many ways, some of the most ideal conditions for student learning that can be created. More specifically, (and to use the pedagogical terminology) the clinical setting coupled with the interaction among nursing staff, faculty, and students, constituted aspects of unstructured problem-based learning, case study learning, situated cognition, authentic assessment, and apprentice-mentorship instruction.”

Undergraduate research or creative project opportunities:   

Undergraduate students take a series of three Nursing Science Courses (research core) during the last of these three courses the students work on an evidence-based practice project in which they identify a research question and discuss the evidence for the current practice or for change in practice. The findings are presented to their classmates as a powerpoint or sometimes poster presentation.

Study abroad opportunities:  

Students in the School of Nursing have the opportunity to participate in study abroad programs. The Culture and Healthcare in Ireland course has been a successful study abroad endeavor. The School of Nursing students will be going to Ghana in collaboration with the Honors study abroad course. In addition, one student has been selected as an International Scholar Laureate Program Delegation on Nursing, she will be going to South Africa to explore HIV care.