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6th Annual Summit, Friday Oct. 24, 2014 

Let's climb the Leadership Summit together. Find your distinct voice as a leader & enjoy a FUN filled day of high engagement experiences!

The Taylor Leadership Institute, in partnership with Undergraduate Studies, presents the Sixth Annual Student Leadership Summit on Friday, October 24, 2014 from 9:30am to 2:00pm in the Student Union Auditorium (Building 58W, Room 2704).


This year's animated and engaging them, The Neuroanatomy of a Leader: Harness your secret power - Become a Super Leader, emphasizes the need for leaders to acknowledge their inner core, suggesting that what drives them to reach their Summit's peak lives there. Attendees will explore their secret power inherent in leadership, learning what it means to be a conscious leader - creating synergy and resonance with others. 


Fostering fun and opportunity, the Sixth Annual Leadership Summit features dynamic presentations from Outliers in fields of leadership in order to highlight the UNF READS! program and book selection, Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell. Take a peek at the Summit's dynamic presenters:

Session 1: 9:50am - 11:20am

Leadership Elasticity: Adjusting Your Mindset

Morning Keynote Dr. Jarik Conrad will underline how interpersonal and intrapersonal acumen correlates with a leader's success. Dr. Conrad will reveal the disparities between leaders and Super Leaders. Join Dr. Conrad's riveting discourse as he equips you with the knowledge to pursue             opportunities that evoke the self-actualized leader in you.


Dr. Jarik Conrad is a human behavior specialist and award-winning author of The Fragile Mind: How it Produced and Unwittingly Perpetuates America's Tragic Disparities (2008).


Session 2: 11:30am - 12:35pm 

Panel of Authentic Action Figures: Transforming Thought Into Action 

Facilitated by Dr. Felix Padilla, panelists Aschelle Morgan and Dr. Irvin PeDro Cohen will showcase the building blocks of effective action - magnifying the attributes of conscious leaders. Discover how this dynamic panel of authentic action figures positioned themselves in environments that                   complemented their passions. This breakout session will encapsulate the impact that self-reflection, global awareness and sense-making have on leaders' aptitude.


Moderator Dr. Felix Padilla is a Hispanic keynote speaker and was a university professor of Sociology and Latino Studies for over 25 years at prestigious universities including Yale, DePaul, Lehman College, and Northeastern. A widely cited scholar, Dr. Padilla received his Ph.D. in Sociology            from Northwestern University after having studies with Dr. Howard Becker, one of the leading sociologists in American history. His most recent book is The Struggle for the Authentic Self: Creating Your True Self for a Peaceful World (2010).


Panelist Aschelle Morgan is the Community Planner at Jacksonville Community Council Inc. (JCCI) and panelist Dr. Irvin Cohen is the Executive Director of New Town Success Zone.


Session 3:  12:50pm - 2:00pm

Cross-Dimensional Awareness: Shapeshifting Your Life, Creating Resonance

Afternoon Keynote Kelly A. Mannel will outline competencies that empower leaders to effectively unite together and manifest their greatness, while inspiring leadership in others. Join the Rally Call as Mannel prompts you to look at the demands of the world and answer its call to action.

Kelly A. Mannel is an influential public relations and human resources expert of 25 years who has consulted various Fortune 100 organizations on executive coaching, talent management and leadership development. 



Find out how you can get involved during this day of learning, leading and fun. This year's Summit will magnify the leadership strengths of Super Leaders who consciously cultivate a deep enthusiasm for the leadership mission at hand. Enjoy a fantastic lunch from our community partners - Jason's Deli. Music performance UNF graduate Jawren Walton.