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2012 Student Leadership Summit

Ready to dramatically change your life?


The 4th Annual UNF Student Leadership Summit awakened students to the definitive purpose in life. The Summit was hosted by the Institute for Values, Community and Leadership, a department in the Division of Student and International Affairs.


Each year, the Summit affords you the special occasion to learn who you really are as a leader with compelling music, relevant and high impact breakout sessions, great food, and a Team Mob!!  During this leadership immersion experience, students learn to embrace uniquely individual leadership abilities. 


Keynote speaker, Dr. Felix Padilla, scholar, sociologist and author discussed the importance of re-claiming the authentic self – finding your emotions, passions and creativity. Invest in yourself and leave your legacy!


The Summit experience empowers you to develop meaningful interactions with community organizations and bring to light venues to experience leadership opportunities on and off campus.


Keynote: "Discover the Authentic Leader in You" by Dr. Felix Padilla


Former Yale University Sociologist, Dr. Felix Padilla muses, “Who am I? How did I become the traditional, conventional self, the personality of society? What knowledge and understanding must I acquire in order to transform myself into the authentic self? How can I then use the authentic self to service or to help with the healing of all humanity?”


 The 4th Annual Student Leadership Summit took place on Friday, October 19, 2012.


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