Office of the Vice President for Student and International Affairs

A Message from the Vice President

Picture of Dr. Gonzalez


 Dr. Mauricio Gonzalez

Vice President for Student and International Affairs

At the University of North Florida, students are our first priority. While we know you are here first and foremost to learn and to earn a degree, we also realize there is a lot more to a meaningful college experience than just academics. That’s where the Division of Student Affairs comes in.


The Division of Student Affairs has assembled a wide variety of resources to address the many opportunities you have to learn and grow outside the classroom, to help you stay fit physically and mentally, and to deal with many of the challenges you face coming into college and leaving it to face the world. And of course, to have some fun in the process.


This webpage is intended to make it a little easier to locate and learn about all the resources that Student Affairs makes available to you. If you need any help finding what you need, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our office. We know there is no one like you, and no place like this. Tap into the resources. Find help if you need it. Get involved. And make your time at UNF the beginning of a rich and successful future.


Student Affairs Staff

Dr. Mauricio Gonzalez, Vice President for Student and International Affairs


Everett J. Malcolm, III, Associate Vice President


Dr. Lucy Croft, Associate Vice President


Ruth Lopez, Assistant Vice President


Christine Malek-Richard, Assistant Vice President


Susie Menaged, Director of Development


Celeste Watkins, Director of Parents Association


Mary McConville, Executive Assistant


Julie Dann, Accounting Associate


Kate Engel, Coordinator


Brigid Fitzpatrick, Program Assistant


Matthew Grandstaff, Program Assistant




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