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Encuentro Insólito (Unexpected Encounter) by Sheila Goloborotko

encuentro insolito The Division of Student Affairs and the Lufrano Gallery presents "Encuentro Insólito", an installation by Sheila Goloborotko, UNF Assistant Professor of Printmaking.  

The exhibit features hanging cutouts of screenprint on Mylar and aluminum as well as a collaborative video animation by Vanessa B. Cruz and Sheila Goloborotko commissioned by the Jacksonville Symphony. This installation will be on display August 21 through September 8. 


Statement from the Artist

Printmakers understand the power of the multiple repetitions for them isn’t redundancy, it’s the backbone of their craft – but it is Nature, more wise than human beings, who truly understands the power of repetition. Silent, simple, built up over centuries, tiny coral lived, died, and calcified to build the ground on which we’re standing, the very walls surrounding us. This exhibit pays homage, via the means of printmaking and installation of cutout printed Mylar and aluminum to the small bodies that became the building blocks of our every day life.


Walk (or perhaps, float?) between the colonies of single and multiple coral images (inspired by the Sistema Arrecifal Veracruzano), and notice that the recognizable shapes of “coral” as you know it break apart and become abstract. That’s good. Allow a new narrative to take shape in your mind. There is no “end” to what Nature, in aggregate, can do. Nature, ever generous, likes to keep things open to us.




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