Criteria for Exhibition




The University of North Florida (UNF) Lufrano Intercultural Gallery of Art exhibits juried and invitational works of art that address social and environmental issues. The gallery plans to educate by exhibiting works that depict the story of a people or our living environment. Works may be retrospective or modern, highlight individual or group expositions, or follow particular themes. Materials with cultural relevance to be exhibited may include art, pictures, artifacts, sculptures, historic documents and letters, installations and books. The gallery will also feature presentations and performances.



Criteria for Exhibition 



A special university curatorial committee comprised of faculty, students, and staff  jury exhibitions. The committee reserves the right to approve or reject any work received for review. The committee uses the following criteria but not be limited to it:


  1. Exhibitions are considered based on criteria relating to the educational mission of the University of North Florida and the division of Student Affairs, and the gallery’s support of the Department of Art and Design.
  2. Work must not be offensive to students and the public.
  3. The Lufrano Intercultural Gallery of Art does not exhibit stolen works.
  4. Artists are selected on the basis of creativity and professionalism. 
  5. Exhibition space is scheduled for up to ten weeks at the gallery’s discretion.
  6. The gallery does provide insurance for most exhibit items. The exhibitor is responsible for providing a complete list of items including values, titles, and dates before the work is transported to the UNF campus.
  7. All works should be ready to exhibit (paintings, drawings and prints should be appropriately framed, for example).
  8. The gallery has no function as an agent for anyone whose works are in display. The gallery will refer inquiries regarding sales to the artist. "
  9. Photographs of living people will require a signed release form.
  10. After approval work must arrive at UNF ten days prior to hanging.
  11. A sponsoring individual or organization is required to send: (The gallery is not responsible for the return of the disc. Please be aware that the contents of packages sent to the gallery including CD-ROM will not be returned.)
  12. images of their work on a CD-ROM,
  13. a resume (when appropriate),
  14. a brief explanation of their work, and
  15. (if available) two independent reviews
  16. When scheduling exhibitions, Art and Design Department faculty Dr. Debra Murphy and Mr. Raymond Gaddy, and Mr. Jim Draper, Curator and Coordinator of UNF Art Galleries will look at the quality of an artist's practice; the originality of their visual language; and the cogency of their dialogue. 
  17. Final curatorial responsibility lies with the Curator.
  18. The artist will be responsible for shipping or delivering their work to the University. 




Send packages for review to:  

Jim Draper

Coordinator of UNF Art Galleries

1 UNF Drive

Building 45, Room 2022

Jacksonville, FL 32224-2675