Departments and Units

The Division of Student Affairs is the resource for extracurricular programs, activities, and services at the University of North Florida. It is our mission to provide students with the best, most rewarding learning opportunities outside the classroom. To that end we oversee more than twenty specialized departments, units, and facilities whose task is to optimize the university experience.



North Florida’s only college Army ROTC unit, re-established in January 2009.

Campus Life

The office that coordinates and promotes student life programs and opportunities in Student Affairs.

Career Services

The department providing services, programs and resources to help students make the transition from the academic environment to their chosen field

Counseling Center

A dedicated center offering a safe atmosphere to explore and discuss personal concerns with a professionally trained counselor

Creative Services

The office that seeks to assist departments within Student Affairs with any and all marketing needs and efforts. 

Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students assists students in serious need and coordinates with faculty and staff to that end; oversees the Student Ombudsman and Student Conduct

Disability Resource Center

 The center promoting the rights, responsibilities, and resources for students with disabilities

Department of Diversity Initiatives
Comprises units that promote and support diversity and inclusion at UNF.


  • Intercultural Center for PEACE: A center providing a place to experience and nurture cultural diversity and promoting an inclusive community.
  • Interfaith Center:  A center that helps engage the UNF campus around religious pluralism
  • Student Alliance for Inclusion and Diversity::Represents three student organizations: the Black Student Union, the Latin American Student Organization (LASO), and UNF Asian Students in Alliance (UNF ASIA)
  • Victim Advocacy: Serves as a resource and support service for anyone in the University community who has been a victim of actual or threatened violence.
  • Women's Center: The center providing programs, resources, and information about issues affecting women
A program offering English language learners a course of study in English as a second language 
Fraternity and Sorority Life

The department serving the needs of the fraternity and sorority community

Housing and Residence Life

The unit overseeing student housing and providing programs and services for on-campus residents

International Center

The unit providing information and study abroad opportunities for domestic students, and serving as a source of programs, opportunities, and immigration information for international students

LGBT Resource Center

A center providing education and resources for the campus community with a commitment to advocacy, equality, respect and support for LGBT students, faculty, and staff

Military and Veterans Resource Center

Providing assistance to active duty military and veteran students in navigating admissions, enrollment and financial aid processes at the University

Parents Association

Providing a link between parents and guardians of UNF students and the University

Recreation and Wellness
Advocates for health and well-being on campus, while also providing a variety of recreational and social activities.

Spinnaker Media

The headquarters for the University’s four student-operated media outlets: the Spinnaker newspaper, Spinnaker Online, Spinnaker Radio, and Spinnaker TV

Student Conduct

The unit responsible for reinforcing community standards and promoting civic responsibility

Student Government

The governing body representing student interests and addressing student needs, overseeing the executive agencies of Club Alliance and Osprey Productions.

Student Health Services

UNF’s ambulatory-care health center with certified health providers, additionally offers an International Travel Clinic 

Student Ombuds

The student’s primary policy advisor and advocate, the Ombuds addresses questions and concerns about University rules, policies and procedures

Student Union

The physical hub of campus life at UNF

Taylor Leadership Institute

An initiative emphasizing the encouragement, promotion, and rewarding of personal, civic, and community engagement with a concentration on values and leadership constructs

University Police Department

The police service entrusted with preserving peace and safety on campus

UNF Preschool 

UNF Preschool and Child Development Center provides a safe, year-round learning environment for children of students, University employees, and the Jacksonville community.