Student Medical Withdrawals

The medical withdrawal is intended as a university support for students missing significant time from class due to illness, hospitalization, or inpatient treatment. Please ensure that you file your medical withdrawal request through the appropriate center. There are two options. (1) Student Health Services processes applications that are primarily for medical/physical health reasons, and the (2) Counseling Center processes applications that are primarily for psychological/mental health reasons.


(1) If an application is more medical/physical health in nature, (e.g., the student was hospitalized for 10 days for an automobile accident injury), it should be filed through Student Health Services (Building 39A, Room 2100, telephone (904) 620-2175). If this applies to you, please download the medical withdrawal request form below and submit it to Student Health Services. 


 Medical Withdrawal Request Form, Student Health Services  


(2) If an application for a medical withdrawal is primarily psychological/mental health in nature rather than medical/physical health in nature, the application should be filed through Dr. Michael Malec, the Associate Director of UNF’s Counseling Center (Building 2, Room 2300, telephone (904) 620-2602). 


Please see the following for access to the appropriate forms to be filed with the Counseling Center. 


 Medical Withdrawal Information, Counseling Center  


Appeals Process for Denied Medical Withdrawal Applications

Students denied a medical withdrawal can appeal the decision. To apply for an appeal, a student must have new, relevant, written information about their medical withdrawal situation/disorder(s), to submit. The information should not be a repeat of what was already submitted previously during the medical withdrawal application process. The new information must be written by a mental health/medical professional, or other professional/person of authority.


Students wanting an appeal, have 10 class days from the date of the medical withdrawal denial letter. All appeal requests should be emailed to the Division of Student and International Affairs office ( Please do not contact the office requesting an appeal unless you will have new, relevant, written documentation to submit.


After requesting an appeal, a student has another 60 calendar days to submit the new written information to the Division of Student and International Affairs office. You can contact UNF’s Division of Student and International Affairs office with questions at (904) 620-2600 or in person (UNF Student Union, Building 58E, Room 2309) before or after applying for an appeal.