2017-2018 Lend-A-Wing Staff 

  Zach Levensohn Photo Lend-A-Wing Director: Zachary Levensohn

Zach spent most of his life in Central Florida before moving to Jacksonville to attend UNF, where he is now a senior majoring in Business Administration and Interdisciplinary Studies. During his time at UNF he has had the privilege and opportunity to interact with a diverse group of people and is now a Teaching Assistant for the Honors Colloquium course, which focuses on encouraging diversity and leadership in communities. Always looking for new adventures, Zach hopes to study in England after graduation and one day become a professor.

When not working, you can find him at some local coffee shop guzzling coffee with a book or hunched over his computer writing. He enjoys learning, soccer, and adventuring, because nature is incredible and should be explored. 
  Lend-A-Wing Assistant Director: Sara Yuen

Originally from Orlando, Sara Yuen moved to Jacksonville in August 2016. She graduated from high school in 2014 and pursued her degree in Accounting at the University of Central Florida. In need of a change, she transferred to UNF her junior year. Now, she is still pursuing her Accounting degree with a minor in Marketing and is expecting to graduate Spring 2018. After graduation, she will focus on passing the CPA exam. When she is not at school, she loves to enjoy the city with her friends.

 Kea Schwarz Photo Lend-A-Green Coordinator: Kea Scwarz

  Lend-A-Wing Coordinator Jacob Rigg

Jacob is a Junior majoring in Public Relations. He transferred to UNF after completing an A.A degree and an A.S. in Digital Media from Eastern Florida State College. He previously served Student Government as Press Secretary. Beside being involved in Student Government, Jacob enjoys debating, photography, musical theatre, writing and watching movies.

When he's not volunteering with other SG Agencies or working, he can be found sleeping, napping, resting his eyes, lightly dozing or relaxing in bed.