Judicial Branch

The Student Government Judiciary consists of seven justices. Out of those seven, a Chief Justice is elected annually to preside over the Office of the Judiciary. It is the duty of these persons to interpret the Student Government Constitution and Statutes. The judiciary also settles disputes or complaints that students may have with Student Government, its agencies, and SG funded clubs. The Judiciary is the final say on issues of noncompliance, judicial complaint, or impeachment. Members gain important experience in the areas of due process and proper judicial procedure. They also represent the student body on the Academic Appeals Committee, Student Conduct, Parking Appeals Board, J-hold and Fee Appeal Committees


Cap Mewborne Photo        Chief Justice


 William "Cap" Mewborne



Cap Mewborne is a Marketing Major in the Coggin College of Business in the University of North Florida. He was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and raised in Tallahassee, Florida.    He joined the Judicial Branch in Spring 2015 and has been serving in the branch ever since. He is a UNF Honors students and is involved with the Hicks Honors College.
When not working on the Branch he spends his time reading or working Lord of the Rings references into everyday conversation. His full name is William Burke Mewborne IV.



Jocelyne Vasquez Pic Deputy Chief Justice


Jocelyne Vasquez



Jocelyne Vasquez is a sophomore at the University of North Florida majoring in Political Science (public law) with a minor in Spanish. After graduating Jocelyne plans to join the Peace Corps in hopes of gaining a better understanding of the world and helping those in need. Jocelyne’s ultimate goal is to attend law school mostly concentrating in immigration law so that she can be a better advocate for immigrants. In her free time, you can find Jocelyne either with her family or at the beach.