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Executive Branch

Positions will be updated continuously. As we are currently in the midst of our transition period, many positions are not yet filled. Please refer to our homepage for applications.

The Executive Branch works to address student concerns on campus. Members of the Executive Branch help the student body in multiple ways. Their duties include serving on university committees, speaking at events, working with athletes, Greek and other groups and organizations, as well as coordinating activities for students. The Executive Branch is comprised of the Executive Cabinet and Executive Agencies.

  • Jenna D
    Student Body President

    Jenna DuPilka


    Jenna is originally from Jupiter Florida and began her career at the University of North Florida in the Spring of 2016. She was elected to senate in Spring 2017 and served on the Constitution and Statues Committee before being appointed Vice Chairwoman of that committee. During Jenna's time here at the University of North Florida, she has been involved with campus organizations like Kappa Delta. After graduation, Jenna plans on attending law school and working in family law.

  • Maria B
    Student Body Vice President

    Maria Bermudez


    Maria is originally from Valencia, Venezuela, but has spent the majority of her life in south Florida. She is a currently a junior studying Biology and Neuroscience. Outside of her classes, Maria has been involved in Delta Gamma, The UNF senate, The Feminist Club, the Hicks Honors College, and LASO. After graduation Maria aspires to join the Peace Corp, get a doctorate, work as a research biologist, and to live a generally fabulous life.

  • Executive Cabinet
  • Attorney General

    Cody Choi


    The SG Attorney General serves as the Chief Executive Prosecutor by reviewing and issuing legal interpretations of the SG Constitution and Statutes, giving legal advice to all SG members as applies to department affairs, and other duties as assigned by the Student Body President. The SG Attorney General also serves as an adviser to the Office of Elections during SG election cycles and acts as chief prosecutor on all allegations of election code violations.

  • Student Advocate

    Madison Brantley


    The Student Advocate serves as the liaison between the Executive Branch multiple different groups, including the Women's Center, Housing, Athletics, the Intercultural Center for Peach, the Interfaith Center, and the student body as a whole. While doing this, the Student Advocate also handles student complaints and provides defense council to SG members concerning Student Government matters, and to the student body for elections code violations and for parking appeals. The Student Advocate also researches and develops programs and strategic outreach plans to benefit the student body.

  • Treasurer

    Julia McComb


    The Student Body Treasurer serves as the liaison between the student body and the Executive Branch on matters concerning the Activity and Service Fee. The Treasurer also ensures the financial accountability of A&S Fee funded entities by overseeing Student Government's internal purchase request process, monitoring all A&S Fee accounts, and working closely with the SG Business Manager. With the help of the Budget and Allocations Committee, the Treasurer also presents a balanced A&S Fee budget every fiscal year.

  • Executive Staff
  • Chief of Staff

    John Aloszka


    The Chief of Staff oversees the Executive Staff and their various projects at the discretion of the Student Body President. While coordinating these projects and working closely with the President and Vice President, the Chief of Staff also serves as the point of contact for all Student Government affairs.

  • Communications Coordinator

    Sophia Ward


    The Executive Communications Coordinator oversees all social media accounts for Student Government and manages as media relations, such as with Spinnaker and other media outlets. The Communications Coordinator also serves as the Webmaster for the Executive Branch's website.

  • Graphic Designer
    Randall Johnson

    Originally from Pensacola, FL, Randall transferred to UNF as a junior in the fall of 2016. He is working towards his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media. During his time at UNF, Randall worked at UNF Spinnaker as a layout editor and UNF Campus Life as graphic design and marketing assistant. During his free time, he loves to read, writing, creates graphic designs for people and hanging out with his friends.
  • SG Logo Empty Position
    Project Manager
    The Executive Project Manager oversees all of the Student Body President's projects from start to finish while working closely with the Chief of Staff. The Project Manager researches potential projects, meets with different departments across campus regarding ongoing projects that Student Government initiates or aims to assist in, and reports on the progress of these projects to the President.