Things To Know About SG Elections

1.  The Office of Elections is an independent office in our Student Government whose sole purpose is to run open and unbiased elections.    

2. This Office of Elections has a single official, the Elections Commissioner.

3. Elections generally consist of at least two opportunities for students to meet candidates and one candidate debate. (Check the Election Timeline at  for details)

4. The Presidential Election occurs once a year in the Spring semester.

5. There are 20 Senate seats up for election each Fall and Spring.   

6. Being elected to the Student Body Senate gives you a direct vote on how money is spent to better the student body.


7. Starting a Political Party of your own is easy. All you need are two, currently enrolled, students and a registration form. (Found on the Student Government website,  


8. You do not need to be in a Political Party to run for Senate.  


All of your election questions can be answered by emailing or by visiting the Student Government rotunda on the third floor of Student Union Building 58/E.