Allow us to educate and empower you.  Orientations are a way to you familiarize yourself with the gym in a way that makes it less intimidating. Here are our four orientation options that guide you through each part of the Dottie Dorion Fitness Center at the Student Wellness Complex.

A. Orientation: Where is everything?

Let us show you around to acquaint you to the facility, our programs, and where all of the equipment is. You will not work out during this 20-30 minute session… but feel free to ask plenty of questions.

B. Novice workout: Get started on a custom workout…for free.

We will spend about an hour teaching you how to work out safely and efficiently. You will learn how to operate the cardio machines, how to stretch properly, how to do our 10-piece Nautilus One weight machine circuit, and also a couple practical exercises you can do at home. Prepare to work out during this session.

C. Playground Training: Let us take the intimidation out of the ‘Playground’.

We will spend about 45 minutes teaching you 10 functional training exercises utilizing the Synergy 360 (Playground) and the monkey bar/Crossprey Fit area. Additionally, we will show you how to operate the Jacobs Ladder, Woodway Curve treadmill, UBE, and the Octane’s adjustable dumbbells. Prepare to work out during this session.

D. Free weight workout: Take your resistance training to the next level.

This 60 minute session is recommended for individuals who have been on a consistent progressive workout for at least 6 months. We will spend about an hour creating a custom workout for you using a combo of free weights, plate loaded machines, functional exercises, and machines. Prepare to workout.

Personal Trainers

Our Fitness Trainers are trained to assist members in reaching their goals in a safe, efficient, and effective manner. Our staff are trained extensively “in-house” and are required to pass two written exams and two practical exams prior to allowing them to develop workout programs for the members. Several of our ambitious Fitness Trainers have become Personal Trainers by receiving a nationally-recognized certification. This allows them to work as Personal Trainers in our Personal Training program.

Personal Training Packages







30 Minute Training

3 Sessions, 30 minutes each



Buddy Training

3 Sessions, 1 hour each



Personal Training

3 Sessions, 1 hour each



Sign-up Procedure

If you are interested in hiring a personal trainer, simply follow these steps below:

  1. Tell a Fitness Trainer that you are interested in the personal training service. At this time, feel free to ask the fitness trainer any questions you may have about the service or read the informational sheet located at the front desk and in the personal trainer album.
  2. Next, the fitness trainer will ask you to fill out a Health History Questionnaire to ensure that you do not have any medical history that would put you at risk for harm or injury. You will also be asked to fill out a goals sheet that will help the personal trainer to create a workout that appropriately meets your goals.
  3. A personal trainer will contact you to set up your first session for a day and time that is suitable for you and your personal trainer.
  4. Finally, we ask that you bring a personal check made payable to the "Dottie Dorion Fitness Center" on the day of your first scheduled appointment. This cost will cover your three session package.



•    Lose Body Fat    •    Improve Definition    •    Gain Muscle    •
  •    Improve Shape    •    Improve Health    •    Look & Feel Better    •




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