Osprey Challenge Course

How to Make a Reservation

Step 1: Review Program Description and select one that meets your group’s needs.
Step 2: Read/review the Reservation Policy before submitting the reservation form.
Step 3: Fill out and submit the Reservation Form.

    Please note All reservation requests must be submitted at least 21 business days prior to your request date.
Step 4: Read and review the Participant Guide and Contact Person Checklist.
Step 5: Provide Waiver and Health Disclosure Form for each participant at contact meeting.


After submitting the reservation form, someone will contact you within 5 business days to discuss your group goals, terms of service, projected date options and billing. Please download the program packet to help assist you in completing the necessary forms and answer any questions you may have. Program Packet 

Reservation Policies*

  1. Reservation requests will be reviewed in the order they are received and student groups will receive priority.
  2. A reservation request form must be on file at the Osprey Challenge Course before a program is approved.
  3. Minimum requirement for challenge course programs.

    • A minimum of 8 participants is required for any Low/High Teambuilding programs, with a maximum amount of 32 participants.
    • A minimum of 10 participants is required for any Low/Zip programs.
    • A minimum of 15 participants is required for any Zip Line programs.
  4. All Groups must provide a final participant count no later than 10 business days prior to the program.
  5. Failure to communicate with the Challenge Course Staff before the program will result in cancelation of the program.
  6. Failure to arrive on the day of the program and/or having less than 85% of the final participant count will result in a fine charged to the organization or the group contact person in the amount of $10 per participant.
  7. Student groups failing to arrive on the day of the program and not having or having 85% of the final participant count will receive a fine assessed to the individual students who failed to arrive equal to $10 per participant put onto their MyWings account.
  8. In order to receive a student rate, all members of the group must be current UNF students.
*Note reservation policies vary slightly for students and outside programs.

Rain Policy

In the event of inclement weather, cancelations will be made at the discretion of OCC Staff. A program that is 75% complete will be considered a full program. 



Logistical Details for Your Consideration

Limited parking is available in front of the Eco-Adventure office and it is a premium lot only. Daily parking passes are available at parking services for $5. We highly recommend meeting off campus and carpooling.  

Directions (pdf or campus map?)

 Campus Map   

Day of the Program

Food and Water:

  • Eat a healthy breakfast or lunch before attending the Challenge course. You will need all the ENERGY you can get!
  • If you are attending a full day course, please bring lunch or make sure there will be food provided for you. We do not provide food for participants. 
  • Water will be provided all day. Please feel free to bring a refillable water bottle and/or hydrating sports drinks. *NO SODA, ENERGY DRINKS, CARBONATED BEVERAGES, ETC.

Clothing/What to Bring:

  • Comfortable, loose fitting clothing is best.
  • We require you to wear knee-length shorts, capris or pants. It is more comfortable while wearing climbing harnesses for long periods of time.
  • Please check the weather on the day of your course, and prepare accordingly.
  • Must wear tennis shoes, boots or closed-toe equivalent and socks. *NO open toed shoes, flip flops, five finger shoes, crocs, or boat shoes allowed on the course.
  • No jewelry will be allowed on the course. 
  • Please wear sun blocking materials (sunscreen, sunglasses with croakies, hats, etc.)
  • Please remember we are in the woods, wear bug spray.
  • Please refrain from chewing gum, smoking, talk/text on your cell phone while during Challenge Course.
  • Participants cannot use their own climbing equipment for the high course. Equipment will be provided.
  • All personal items that could potentially fall out of pockets (cell phones, wallets, car keys, pocket knives, etc.) will be collected and locked in the staff office.

Health Information:

  • If you take any medication or have medical conditions that require carrying with you at all times (insulin, Inhaler, epi-pen, etc.) bring them with you and inform the lead facilitator on the day of your program.
  • Please make sure that your facilitator knows about any medical information and make sure that the participants bring any medications such as inhaler, epi-pen, insulin, etc. to the challenge course. 
  • Facilitators will not be able to dispense any medication to participants.

If you have questions regarding your day at the challenge course, please call us at:  904-620-5412  or 904-620-1810  


You can  also email us at occ@unf.edu