Is the Osprey Challenge Course open to the Public?

Yes it is! We now offer the use of our course to outside programs and are willing to work with you to figure out a program that best suits you.


How do I reserve a program?

If you go to our reservation page and follow the directions you should have a reply within 5 business days if the selected date is available.


How many people can you accommodate?

We have a max cap of 32 participants for a low/high/zip program that utilizes the full course for 4.5-6 hours.  However a 3 hour low/zip program we’ve accommodated groups of 90 and have the resources for 120.

How many people do I need to be able to participate?

For a low/high/zip program we need a group of at least 8, low/zip 10, zip only program 15.


Can I come and go on the course today?

Because of the nature of our facility and programs; booking and scheduling a program usually require a 21 day notice so that we can schedule the proper amount of staff needed and so we can collaborate with you to make the best experience possible.


I only have a group of 7 (or less) but want to go up on the course, can I still go?

Due to the team-building and high element nature of our course we require a certain amount of staff to have a functioning program which doesn’t sacrifice quality. If groups can’t find enough participants they may be able to pay the course minimum price.


What are the age and/or weight requirements for the course?

Our minimum age for doing the “high” elements of our ropes course is 14. The harness restrictions for the course are between 45lbs-300lbs fitting into a size 42 harness. We do have child harnesses but require that the participant must be at least 45lbs to insure that they properly get across the zipline.


What do I wear to the course?

We require close toed shoes (no crocs, boat shoes or toe-shoes) and we recommend knee length shorts or pants and t-shirts over tank-tops due to comfort wearing the harnesses.


What is the price of the course?

For active UNF students the course is completely free! Non-UNF program prices vary depending on season, group size, program length, program type and non-profit. Email OCC@unf.edu for further details to help create a program that best suits your needs.   


Can I bring my own gear/equipment?

No. Due to our liability we only allow use of our gear on the course area with the exception of working staff.