UNF Intramural Sports Handbook Eligibility

League Eligibility

Listed below are the different leagues that are offered:

  • Men's: All men's teams will compete in the same division.
  • Women's: All women's teams will compete in the same division.
  • CoRec: Designed to give men and women the opportunity to participate together. Many of the rules are modified to give everyone the chance to enjoy the competition.

Player Eligibility

The following regulations apply to all persons participating in the Intramural Program:

Player Participation

  • All participants must register with IMLeagues to play any sport. Instructions on how to register is located on the Intramural Sports website. Captains must submit their team roster, with at least the minimum number of players for that sport, online using IMLeagues before signing up for a timeslot to play.
  • Adding Players – Players must be added on their team’s roster using IMLeagues (players must register first, then request to join a team, or team captains can send invitations to players to join their team) prior to participating in an Intramural contest. Players can be added at the field/court throughout the regular season and playoffs.
  • Participants must present a valid Osprey1 UNF ID card before participating in any Intramural contest. NO ID NO PLAY!   

Faculty and Staff Participation

  • All current fee paying UNF students (must be enrolled in classes all semester), faculty, and full-time staff (OPS employees must be working 40 hours a week) are eligible to participate.
  • Faculty and staff personnel who are employed full-time (40 hours per week) by UNF are eligible to participate in the Intramural Program with the use of their faculty or staff ID card.
  • UNF Alumni are INELIGIBLE for participation in the intramural sports program.

Guidelines for Competition

  • Men and Women must compete in the respective division unless there are not enough participants to establish a particular league of play.
  • A person may compete for only one team per sport. Exception: a player may compete on a men's or women's team and also a corec team. Once a person has participated for a team, he or she is not eligible to transfer to another team. In the event a player's team forfeits out of the league, a player may appeal to the Intramural Coordinator to be able to play on another team. Upon checking in at a game and signing the Intramural Sports Liability Waiver, the person is considered to have participated for that team. Women can participate on a Men’s team, but will forfeit their right to play on a women’s team for that sport.
  • An individual who has competed in professional athletics will be ineligible from competing in that sport or its counterpart for one (1) calendar year from the date in which they last played. He or she will be listed under the same regulations as Ex-varsity athletes.  

Participation for Varsity, Ex-Varsity, and Club Athletes

  • Current varsity athletes will not be eligible to compete in the sport in which they hold varsity status or any counterparts of that sport. A person is considered a varsity athlete if he/she is on a varsity team’s roster during the 2016-17 regular season. For intramural eligibility purposes, the beginning of the regular season for varsity sports is defined as the team's first scheduled game. Players designated as "redshirts" will also be considered varsity athletes.
  • Ex-varsity athletes are defined as persons who have participated in varsity athletics during the 2015-16 year or before. These players are limited in the sport in which they held varsity status. Teams may not have more than two (2) ex-varsity athletes on its roster, one (1) in basketball.
  • A team is not to have more than two (2) players who are members of a UNF Sport Club in that sport or its counterpart. Club membership will be turned into Intramural Sports by the club president. This list is considered the final word on membership status. Club members are persons who: have participated in extramural games with the club, have paid membership dues, have consistently practiced with the club, and who are duly recognized by the club president as a member of the club for any valid reason other than those listed.
  • NOTE: The number of ex-varsity athletes and club sport members (or any combination) on any intramural team cannot exceed a total of two (2) roster members, one (1) in basketball.
Related Sports Chart
Professional/Varsity/Club Sport  Related Intramural Sport(s)


4 on 4 Flag Football, 7 on 7 Flag Football




Basketball, 3 on 3 Basketball


Indoor Soccer, Outdoor Soccer


Sand Volleyball, Volleyball

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee


Intramural Sports reserves the right to make rulings on all eligibility cases. Individuals with questions should petition to Intramural Sports prior to competing.