Registration Guide or Team Captains

Being an intramural team captain means stepping forward as a leader and taking on the responsibilities for getting the team registered properly as well as communicating important IM league information to your teammates. A successful team captain is knowledgeable of the process and plans ahead in order to work through each step as stress-free as possible. Here are some tips to help you captain your team in our leagues.

Know the Important Dates

Knowing the key dates for registration and deadlines for completing captains requirements is the number one priority of a team captain. You will want to get started on the important tasks of being an IM team captain well in advance to ensure that your team is registered properly for our leagues. Getting a late start may get your team left out of the action. Key dates include:
- Team registration period including the exact day and time that online registration begins. - Season start date and possible play dates.


Recruit Team Members

As a team captain, you'll obviously need a team of players to join you for competition. Current UNF students and full-time faculty & staff are eligible to play in our leagues. Non-students and part-time staff are not. There are special restrictions on varsity athletes, sport club members, and other special participant groups. Specific eligibility details are available online in the UNF Intramural Handbook. Intramural Sports requires that teams have at least the minimum number of players needed to field a team, and maybe a few subs. You never know when a teammate will be unable to make a game. It's easier to fill that spot if you have already other players ready. For example, in 7-on-7 flag football, 9 or 10 is a healthy number. Once a player signs in for your team, he or she cannot switch to another team during that sport's season.



Roster Player Requirements
Team Sport
Minimum Maximum
Volleyball 4 12
7 on 7 Flag Football 5 14
7 on 7 Flag Football Corec 6 18
3 on 3 Basketball 2 6
Sand Volleyball 2 8
Indoor Soccer 3 10
Softball 8 16
Soccer 5 14
Basketball 4 14
4 on 4 Flag Football 3 8
Kickball 5 16
Ultimate Frisbee 5 16
Dodgeball 4 12



Select Possible Playing Dates and Times

Before the registration period begins, you'll want to know when your team members would like to play. The more flexible your team can be, the more easily you'll be able to register your team. We offer an assortment of leagues and divisions on each of our playing nights, Sundays through Thursdays for most sports. And, you'll have some choice of playing time as well, typically between 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. each night.


A breakdown of each night's planned schedule that includes when each division will play each night is posted after the information meetings for each sport. Check there to see what your options are and talk it over with your team members.


You will select your league, division, and playing day and time right when you register. But, know that space is limited. We can only play so many games at one time. And, the prime days and times fill up extremely quickly. This is why knowing exactly when registration begins is so important. We will fill our popular days and times within the first 15 minutes of online registration!


Inform Your Teammates of Rules

Remind your teammates of equipment and uniform requirements (proper shorts for flag football, for example). You may want to coordinate shirt colors. Explain special IM playing rules for the sport. Remind them to bring their UNF Osprey 1card to check-in and to arrive early to complete the check-in process. And, don't forget to mention our sportsmanship requirements to your teammates. Good sportsmanship is our number one priority and a required sportsmanship score is required to advance to the playoffs. You would hate to have one teammate cost your team a chance to continue playing our league.


Check Your Regular Season Schedule

Regular season schedules are posted approximately 5 p.m. the Friday after registration ends, and are available online on IMleagues as well. Intramural Sports will notify teams via text/email when their playing schedules are ready. It is your responsibility to check it online.


Be sure to inform your teammates of the schedule. Most our sports follow a consistent pattern of scheduling with games on the same day and at the same time each week. But some sports could have game times that change every week. Check online and inform your teammates so they don't miss a game!


As a team captain, you'll want to make sure that you yourself are ready to check-in at the game site and are properly equipped for the game.


Check Your Playoff Schedule

All teams regardless of record advance to the postseason, as long as the team has the required sportsmanship average. So, be sure to check online at the conclusion of the final week of the regular season to learn when your team will play in the postseason. Once again, those playoff schedules are available online on our IMleagues website. Remember, playoff times will be different from when you played during the regular season, and no requests for times will be accepted. It is your team’s responsibility to make the games, so you might want to give your teammates a head’s up about that so they can plan accordingly.


Other Responsibilities

Intramural Sports utilizes the team captain as the official representative for any administrative matters. If we have a game time change, a sportsmanship issue, or a player issue related to your team, we contact the team captain who then has the responsibility of informing his/her teammates or making a decision on behalf of the team.


Questions or Comments?

As you can see, the team captain's job is really in managing the team's participation in our league. While it seems tedious, each step is relatively easy to complete. Communication with your teammates is important in making sure everyone is at the game site and ready to play when scheduled.


If you’re confused or have any questions, please drop us an e-mail at