UNF Arena Policies 

The UNF Arena is open for recreational usage during posted operational hours by currently enrolled students, members and paid daily guests.

All students, employees, alumni, members & paid guests must sign at the Arena Information Desk and present the proper identification in order to use the facilities. In order to receive this pass, you must show your UNF Osprey ID card or daily guest pass.

UNF STUDENTS: Current, validated UNF ID card. Additionally, students are required to complete a physical waiver and release of liability.To bring a guest you may request (1) pass per day by visiting the Recreation Office in the Arena between 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday. Contact (904) 620-2998. After hours, guest passes can be purchased at UNF Aquatic Center (904) 620-2854.

UNF EMPLOYEES: UNF Osprey ID card. For spouse or family members, you may purchase a facility membership at the UNF Aquatic Center (904) 620-2854.

In order to receive this pass, you must show your UNF ID. To access facilities with your guest, present your pass and sign your guest in at the Arena desk. The UNF user, who is responsible for their guest, must accompany their guest. If the UNF user and their guest arrive after 5 PM, then they must go to the Aquatic Center and purchase a daily pass.