UNF Style Guide Capitalization

Academic departments and offices

Capitalize the name of the department and the words "department," "office," etc., such as "Department of Natural Sciences," "Office of Research and Sponsored Programs" and "Small Business Development Center." When not used as a proper name, the words "department" and "office," etc. should not be capitalized.

Right: The University consists of six academic colleges.

Right: The Office of Human Resources

Right: The department boasts the most professors with doctorates.

Right: The History Department is in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Alumni Association

The formal title is "University of North Florida Alumni Association" on first reference. It can be referred to as the "Alumni Association" on second reference. 

Annual Fund

Capitalize all references to the UNF Annual Fund. "Annual Fund" is acceptable on second reference but not "The Fund."

Board of Trustees

Capitalize "Board of Trustees" and "Trustee" as a title on first reference when referring to the UNF Board of Trustees; lowercase second and subsequent references. (Note: Members of the UNF Foundation Board are referred to as board members, not trustees.)

Right: The UNF Board of Trustees met in February.

Right: Last year, Trustee James Jones participated in the commencement ceremony.

Right: James Jones is a member of the UNF Board of Trustees.

Right: James Jones, a member of the UNF Board of Trustees, presented the award.

Campus buildings/facilities

Use the entire official name of campus facilities on first reference within a section. On second and subsequent references within the same section, shorten the name. A list of campus facilities is presented below. Do not use building, hall, center, etc., interchangeably.


NOTE: Identify campus facilities by name, rather than by building number. Identification of campus facilities by numbers is used on the UNF marquee and on signs where space is limited. It is allowable to use the building number in parentheses or following a comma.


Right: The meeting is at 1 p.m. in J.J. Daniel Hall (Building 1).

Right: The meeting is at 1 p.m. in J.J. Daniel Hall, Building 1.

Wrong: The meeting is in Building 1.

Wrong: The meeting is in Building 10 (Honors Hall).



Building 1 J.J. Daniel Hall (formal name for official documents); Daniel Hall (informal name for publications) 
Building 2 Founders Hall
Building 3 Skinner-Jones Hall South
Building 4 Skinner-Jones Hall North
Building 5 Physical Facilities Building
Building 6 Building Services
Building 8 Lassiter Hall (first and second reference)
Building 9 Frederick H. Schultz Hall (first reference); Schultz Hall (second reference)
Building 10 Honors Hall
Building 12 Thomas G. Carpenter Library (first reference); Carpenter Library or UNF Library (second reference)
Building 14 Andrew A. Robinson Jr. Student Life Center (formal reference); Robinson Center (informal reference)
Building 14A   Andrew A. Robinson Jr. Theater (NOTE: Although the theater is technically part of the Robinson Center, it can be referred to as the Robinson Theater. Do not use the "theatre" spelling.)
Building 15 John E. Mathews Jr. Computer and Information Sciences Building (formal reference); Mathews Building (informal reference)

Building 25

Dorothy S. "Dottie" Dorion Fitness Center (formal reference); Dorion Fitness Center (informal reference)
Building 26 The Field House
Building 27 Harmon Baseball Stadium
Building 28 Batting/pitching facility
Building 31 Softball Complex
Building 34 UNF Arena (first reference); the Arena (second reference)
Building 37 Tennis Clubhouse
Building 38 Arena Parking Garage
Building 39 J. Brooks Brown Hall (first reference); Brown Hall (second reference)
Building 39A   J. Brooks Brown Hall Brown Hall Addition
Building 40 Osprey Nest (Baseball)
Building 41 Martin P. Garris Police Building (first reference) Garris Building, University Police Department or UPD (second reference)
Building 42 Coggin College of Business
Building 43 Adam W. Herbert University Center
Building 44 Fine Arts Center Parking Garage
Building 45 Fine Arts Center (The theater is the Lazzara Performance Hall)
Building 45 Ceramics Lab
Building 45D  Photo Lab
Building 46 Hodges Stadium (track/soccer)
Building 47 Information Booth (Alumni Drive)
Building 48 Hayt Golf Learning Center
Building 49 Child Development Research Center (formal) Child Development Center (informal)
Building 50 Science and Engineering Building
Building 51 Social Sciences Building
Building 52 Parking Services
Building 53 Ann and David Hicks Hall
Building 54 J.M. Golden Environmental Education Pavilion (formal) Golden Pavilion (informal)
Building 55 Osprey Fountains
Building 57 Tom and Elizabeth Petway Hall
Building 58 Student Union
Building 60 Alumni Hall
Building 96 Nature Trail Pavilion
Building 100 Information Booth


NOTE: Student residences on campus include Osprey Crossings, Osprey Fountains, Osprey Hall, Osprey Landing and Osprey Village. Student residences should never be referred to as "dorms" or "dormitories."


NOTE: The Student Union has naming conventions within its own building: Student Union Ballrooms, Student Union Auditorium, Student Union Game Room, Student Union Graduate Lounge, Student Union meeting rooms, North Star Board Room at the Student Union, Osprey Plaza at the Student Union and Coxwell Amphitheater at the Student Union.

Classes and courses

Use lowercase when referring to courses and classes. In general, uppercase when referring to the specific name of a class or if the class name includes a proper noun or numeral. There should be no quotation marks around course names.

Right: As a freshman, John enrolled in a psychology course and a history course.

Right: As a freshman, John enrolled in Psychology II and U.S. History to 1877.

Wrong: This is the first year UNF offered "Discover the U.S. on the Rails."

Right: This is the first year UNF offered Discover the U.S. on the Rails.

Coed, Co-op

Do not hyphenate "coeducational" but do hyphenate "co-op" as the abbreviated form of "cooperative." Use "Co-op" for a shortened reference to the Cooperative Education Program. Do not use coed to refer to a person.

Right: Osprey Hall is a coed residence hall.

Right: She participated in the University of North Florida's Co-op Education Program.


Capitalize names of specific committees and lowercase committee on second references.

Right: The Student Appeals Committee met Thursday.

Right: The appeals committee met Thursday.

Courtesy and professional titles

Refer to both men and women by first and last names. Do not use the courtesy titles Mr., Miss, Ms. or Mrs. except in direct quotations or where needed to distinguish among people of the same last name. Reserve courtesy titles primarily for addresses and letter salutations.

Courtesy titles also may be used when preferred in formal documents. Second and subsequent references generally use last names only.

"Vice president" has no hyphen. Titles, such as CPA, CEO and CIO should be written in full caps without periods. Position titles such as "dean," "director" or "professor" should be capitalized only when immediately preceding a name. Lowercase a title after a name or when the title does not immediately precede the name. The title "Dr." may be used when the person holds an earned doctoral degree, either a Ph.D., Ed.D., D.B.A., M.D., etc. A juris doctor (J.D.) is not considered a doctoral degree.

Wrong: Mr. Jones, Ph.D.

Wrong: Dr. John Thomas, Ph.D.

Right: Kevin Jones, Ph.D.

Right: Dean Mary Smith of the College of Arts and Sciences

Right: Dr. Mary Smith, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Right: Dr. Thomas Johnson

Right: Thomas Johnson, Ph.D., spoke at commencement.

Right: Dr. Joseph Jones, vice president for student affairs

Right: Vice President for Student Affairs Joseph Jones

Right: Thomas Smith, CPA 

Right: Elizabeth Green, superintendent of schools

Right: Duval County Schools Superintendent Elizabeth Green

Right: football Coach Jim Harkema

Right Jim Harkema, football coach

NOTE: The preferred style is to use "Dr." only on first reference. In photo cutlines, the preferred style is to include first and last names only, omitting courtesy and professional titles.


Write the word "email" without a hyphen.

Lowercase the "e" in "email" unless it is the first word of a sentence or part of a title that uses uppercase letters.  


UNF's official celebration is capitalized, as is “Homecoming Dinner.”


Lowercase and italicize cum laude, magna cum laude and summa cum laude.

Majors, programs

Do not capitalize majors, programs, specializations or concentrations of study when they are not part of a designated degree. The exception is a language, i.e., English, French, Spanish, etc.

Right: He received a bachelor's degree in criminal justice.

Right: His major was criminal justice.

Right: His program was criminal justice.

Right: Her program was French.

NOTE: UNF's academic terms "program" and "major" are interchangeable.

President's Office

Capitalize when referring to UNF's President's Office.


Capitalize names of races (Caucasian, Hispanic), but do not capitalize black and white when used to refer to races. Black is the preferred term unless someone has a preference for African-American.

Regional designations

Use capitals when referring to North Florida or Northeast Florida as a region. Use lowercase when referring to northern Florida in geography.

Right: UNF lies in the heart of Northeast Florida.

Right: Summer theater entertains northern Florida and its neighbors.


Lowercase spring, summer, fall and winter, as well as all derived words, such as springtime. Capitalize only when part of a formal name.

Right: fall semester, fall term

Right: Spring Musicfest 

Right: Winter Olympics

Right: We had a dry summer.

Right: Fall Commencement Ceremony

Right: UNF opened in fall 1972.

State, federal

Lowercase "state" in all references. Use capital letters for "state" or "federal" as part of corporate or governmental bodies that use the word as part of their formal names. Lowercase "federal" when used as an adjective to distinguish something from a state, county, city, town or private entity. Except in legal documents, the term "state of Florida" is inappropriate; use Florida.

Wrong: The State of Florida is a peninsula.

Right: our state universities

Right: the federal loan program

Right: our state grants

Right: Federal Emergency Management Agency

Student classifications

Do not capitalize "freshman," "sophomore," "junior" or "senior." The plural use of "freshman" is "freshmen."

Right: He is a senior marketing major.

Right: Three freshman students attended Springfest.

Right: The freshman class attended the lecture  

Right: Three freshmen attended Springfest.

Wrong: The freshmen class attended the lecture.


Time of day

Lowercase "a.m." and "p.m." Use "midnight" in lieu of 12 a.m. and "noon" in lieu of 12 p.m. Times on the hour should be presented without ":00." However, times between the hours should be presented with the minute connotation. Do not use "o'clock" unless it is for a more formal occasion, such as an invitation.

Right: The appointment is scheduled for noon.

Wrong: The appointment is scheduled for 12 p.m.

Wrong: The appointment is scheduled for 12 noon.

Right: The appointment is scheduled for 8:30 p.m.

Right: The appointment is scheduled for 8 p.m.

Wrong: The appointment is scheduled for 8:00 p.m.

Wrong: The presentation is scheduled for 8 o'clock in the evening.

Wrong: The presentation is scheduled for 8 p.m. in the evening.

Right: The event runs from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Right: The event runs from 8 to 11 a.m.

UNF Foundation

Use the precise title, "the University of North Florida Foundation Inc.," on first reference within a section. It can be referred to as the "UNF Foundation" on second reference. When referring to its board, capitalize "board" when used with the proper name but lowercase it when it stands alone.

NOTE: In publications, place no comma between "Foundation" and "Inc." and abbreviate Incorporated to "Inc." This rule applies to all corporations using "Inc."

Right: I am a member of the University of North Florida Foundation Inc.

Right: I am on the UNF Foundation Board. The board helps to raise money for the University.

Wrong: Members of the UNF Foundation Board, Inc. attended the event.

University of North Florida

Capitalize formal institutional names in all references. "UNF" is the preferred designation when referring to the University of North Florida on second and subsequent references within a section. However, if an interchangeable word or an alternative to "UNF" on second and subsequent references within a section is necessary, "University" is acceptable. Capitalize "University" when referring specifically to the University of North Florida. Lowercase "university" when referring to other institutions. Some institutions of higher education use "The" in official designations. UNF is not obligated to honor the style guidelines of other institutions. UNF style is to use a lowercase "the" in all references.

Right: UNF opened its doors to students in 1972.

Right: The University of North Florida is one of 11 public institutions of higher education in Florida. The University has six colleges.

Wrong: John will attend The University of West Florida.

Right: John will attend the University of West Florida.

Right: Sarah is a junior at the University of North Florida.

Wrong: John's University is in New Mexico.

World Wide Web

Three words, no hyphens and always uppercase first letters. On second reference, use "web."

NOTE: "Home page" is two words and should not be capitalized; internet should not be capitalized.

ALSO: website, webcam, webcast, webfeed, webmaster, webpage, but web address and web browser. 

Right: Visit the center's web page at www.unf.edu/dept/cdrc.

Right: UNF's new home page is www.unf.edu.