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UNF Journal: Fall 2017

Dr. Sandeep Reddivari, seated, looks at a computer image of what student Jason Smith sees in virtual reality googles

Research Roundup

Faculty members and students at the University of North Florida — in virtually all disciplines — are conducting research in hopes of discovering useful knowledge.

UNF grad student Mansenie Joseph pulling her luggage at the Jacksonville International Airport

Student studies abroad... and then some

For Mansenie Joseph, ’17, there’s nothing like traveling to a new place. “There is a rush when you step o the airplane in another country,” Joseph said. “I love the excitement.”

UNF students and active duty personnel dressed in uniforms

The MVRC — a place to connect

Air Force veteran Ozea Brown didn't know anyone at UNF ... That all changed when she walked through the door of UNF's Military and Veterans Resource Center.

UNF alumni Kari Bishop studying a traffic map

Women in STEM innovate and inspire

Kari Bishop loves thinking about traffic. Unlike others stuck in gridlock, she's pondering ... "Will we need a flyover here?" or "Is the signal timing working effectively?" Bishop is one of the thousands of women who have graduated from the University of North Florida with degrees in STEM fields — science, technology, engineering and mathematics.