eCommunication Request

The eCommunication tool helps official UNF departments create and deliver branded HTML e-mail communications. This tool is ideal for newsletters, invitations, or messages sent to a distribution list. The eCommunication tool assists with the layout of the body of the e-mail, including banners, photos and copy.  Before using the eCommunication tool, the department must gain approval from the Public Relations department.


To start the process of using the eCommunication tool or to learn how it may fit your needs, please contact

Guidelines for Use 

  • The eCommunication tool is only available to units/department that use the CMS for web editing.  The system is not available to student clubs or organizations.
  • The eCommunication tool follows the E-mail Distribution Policy for sending out any e-mails to large groups on campus.
  • The eCommunications tool can be used for two different types e-mail lists.
    • Custom e-mail lists
      • An Excel Spreadsheet can be initially populated into the tool.
      • An online subscription management tool can then be used to add/remove names from the distribution list.
    • University e-mail lists (approval required)
      • Alumni (owned by the Office of Alumni Services)
      • Donors (owned by Office of Development)
      • University wide distribution lists (all-faculty, all-staff, etc.)
  • SENDING TO ALUMNI: If a unit wants to send an eCommunication to alumni, the unit must first contact the Office of Alumni Services to request permission and a date to send EACH eCommunication. The Public Relations department will verify that this has been done before moving forward. 
  • All eCommunications must follow the Visual Identity Guidelines and UNF Style Guide
  • The Public Relations department and the Webmaster reserve the right to not send out an eCommunication that is deemed inappropriate or damaging to the University.   


  • All UNF eCommunications that communicate to external audiences will allow the recipient the option of unsubscribing (opt-out).
  • Additionally, you may open your list to allow self-subscriptions from any interested person. Select "Allow Self-Service Subscriptions" when requesting configuration. Feel free to add this link to your website to allow your audience to sign-up or remove themselves from your list.