Strategic Plan 2009-2014

Council Members

                          Mark E. Workman, Provost and Chair – Academic Affairs

Pierre Allaire, Vice President – Institutional Advancement

John Barnes, President – Student Government Association

Alison Cruess, President – A&P Association

Larry Daniel, Dean – College of Education and Human Services

David Fenner, Dean – The Graduate School

Mauricio Gonzalez, Vice President – Student and International Affairs

David Jaffee, Assistant Vice President – Undergraduate Studies

Marianne Jaffee, Executive Assistant to the Provost

Katherine Robinson, President – Faculty Association

Thomas Serwatka, Chief of Staff and Vice President - President’s Office

Shari Shuman, Vice President – Administration and Finance

Kathy Westberry, President – USPS Association

Working Groups

Goal 1: Cultivate a learning environment that supports intellectual curiosity, academic achievement, and personal growth

Chair: David Jaffee, Assistant Vice President, Undergraduate Studies

Dan Richard, Associate Professor, Psychology, and Director, Office of Faculty Enhancement

Marnie Jones, Professor, English & Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Lynn Hendricks, Special Projects, Enrollment Services

Kellie Woodle, Associate Director, Academic Center for Excellence

Scott Brown, Assistant Professor, Art History

Deborah Miller, Director, Center for Instruction & Research Technology

Laurel Crump Associate University Librarian

Andres Gallo, Associate Professor, Economics

Sally Weerts, Assistant Professor, Nutrition & Dietetics

Kris Webb, Director, Disability Resource Center, Student Affairs, & Associate Professor

Goal 2: Recruit and support a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff

Chair: David Fenner, Dean of the Graduate School

Deborah Kaye, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Services

Barb Hetrick, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Michael Stultz, Instructor, Exceptional Student and Deaf Education

Tyran Lance, Executive Secretary, The Graduate School

Rachael Tutwiler, Graduate Student, MPA program

Kathy Westberry, Admissions Registrar Officer

Goal 3: Support and recognize research, community-based inquiry and creative endeavors

Chair: Larry Daniel, Dean, College of Education & Human Services

Kathaleen Bloom, Professor, Nursing

Imeh Ebong, Assistant Vice President, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Radha Pyati, Associate Professor, Chemistry & Physics & Director, Environmental Center

Christine Weber, Assistant Professor, Department of Childhood Education

Jay Coleman, Professor, Management

Maira Martelo, Graduate Research, Student Affairs

Louise Brown, Professor, Art and Design

Goal 4: Affirm the university's public responsibility through civic and community engagement

Chair: Mauricio Gonzalez, Vice President, Student and International Affairs

Pamela Chally, Dean, Brooks College of Health

Annabel Brooks, Manager for Marketing & Publication, Student Affairs

Lauriane Byll-Cataira,  Director, Volunteer Center

Anita Vorreyer-Hedges, Director, Student Affairs

Valerie Robinson, Coordinator, Career Development Services

Jeff Michelman, Professor, Accounting and Finance

Sharon Wilburn, Professor, Public Health

Cathy O’Farrell, Director of Academic Support Services, and Office of Field Experiences

Alison Cruess, Coordinator, Computer Applications

Mark Falbo, Director, Center for Community Based Learning

Lucy Croft, Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs

Goal 5: Secure fiscal, physical, and technological resources aligned with the university's mission and values

Co-Chair: Pierre Allaire, Vice President, Institutional Advancement

Co-Chair: Shari Shuman, Vice President, Administration & Finance

Janet Owen, Vice President, Government Relations

Tom Pekarek, Professor, Chemistry & Physics

Lance Taylor, Chief Information Officer

Lisa Watson, Director, Advancement Services

Jeffrey Harrison, Associate Professor, Public Health

Dennis Gay, Associate Professor, Chemistry & Physics

Joann Campbell, Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs

Identification of Peer/Aspirational Instititutions/Metrics

Chair: Tom Serwatka, Vice President & Chief of Staff

Marianne Jaffee, Executive Assistant to the Provost

Rick Powell, Director, Institutional Research

Fen Yu, Associate Director, Institutional Research

Krista Paulsen, Associate Professor, Sociology

La’Tara Osborne-Lampkin, Assistant Professor, Leadership and Counseling

Karen Reedy, Executive Director, Academic Center for Excellence

Kathe Kasten, Professor, Leadership and Counseling

Dale Clifford, Chair, History

Li Loriz, Director, Nursing

Yemisi Bolumole, Associate Professor, Marketing & Logistics

Alan Harris, Assistant Professor,  Electrical Engineering