Hugabug Newsletter August 2018

Editor’s Corner:

Happy New School Year! We are excited to be kicking off the new 2018-2019 school year.  We would like to say a special welcome to all of our new children and families. This summer the children have been participating in several fun and educational activities that relate to the curriculum. We also had many special visitors who came to read or speak to the children. One of our special visitors was Mrs. Maria Szymanski, the wife of UNF’s president. We also had Ms. Sheila’s son, who is a firefighter, stop by for community helpers week and the Police Chief came to read to our children once a month. 


Mud Day was one of the children’s favorite activities this summer. They had fun making mud out of the coffee grounds that were generously donated. Thank you to all who donated coffee grounds for this day! Going to the Field House was also one of the children’s favorite field trips of the summer. Children got to run, play, jump, throw basketball hoops, and play structured games such as duck, duck, goose and red light green light. 

 August also brings the fun summer day of Camping Day.  Children learned about how to camp by having tents set up in their classrooms as well as by making pretend camp fires. On this day children got to make smores and pretend to sleep under the stars during nap time.  What a fun day to help round out the end of summer. 


Curriculum Corner

ELLM Plus Early Literacy and Learning Model

ELLM Books of the Month     

Corduroy Goes to School By: B.G. Hennnesey- Reading this book will reassure children about school and make them feel comfortable in their classrooms.

The Kissing Hand By: Audrey Penn-This book will give children a sense of love and reassurance as they begin school for the first time.

Concepts for the Month: Friendship & Manners, Routines & Rituals, All about Me 

  • Friendship Curriculum- My Preschool By: Anne Rockwell  
  •  ELLM Curriculum- Corduroy Goes to School    By: H.G. Hennesey 
  • ELLM Curriculum- The Kissing Hand   By: Audrey Penn 
  • Conscious Discipline- Shubert’s New Friend 
  • By: Dr. Becky A. Bailey 
  • Just for fun- The Night Before Preschool By: Natasha Wing 

Catch: A fun physical & healthy activity of the Month you can do at home with your child 

Activity Name: In & Out

Using a Hula hoop challenge your child to jump in and out of the hoop in the following ways:

  • Toward the front of the hoop
  • Toward the back of the hoop 
  • All the way around the hoop 
  • In a sideward direction 
  • In a sideward direction, all the way around the hoop 

NAEYC For Families

The NAEYC for Families website at offers articles, information, and resources for parents with young children. Topics include behavior and development, play, math, literacy, science, nutrition and safety.  


Social Emotional Development: Conscious Discipline

Check out the Conscious Discipline website for discipline tips and support for your family at home. They regularly add new information and answer questions that might arise. 

Parent Organization: 

We recognize the importance of parent involvement as one of the critical elements of achieving the development of each child’s feelings of self-worth, self-awareness, consideration for the welfare of others, and the ability to share materials and ideas.  The parent organization plans and organizes family events and fundraisers throughout the year like the Fall Festival, Family Picnics, Food Drive with Lend a Wing, and Teacher Appreciation Dinner. Please consider volunteering your time to help with the parent organization. The meetings will be held once a semester. Please join us for our first meeting which will be held on Wednesday September 19th from 5-6 pm. We will be planning events for the rest of the school year and we will also be electing the following officers at our first meeting:


  •  President 
  •  Vice President 
  •  Secretary 
  •  Treasurer 
  •  Event Manager 


Important Announcements and Reminders 

  • Dates Closed: UNF Preschool will be closed August 16th and 17th for staff training.
  •  Open House:  Thursday August 16th 2:00 pm- 3:00 pm
  •  Clothing:  Please leave extra clothes in your child’s cubby in case of accidents.  Be sure to have extra shoes as well.  Children should wear closed shoes every day to protect their feet from injury.   
  •  Attendance:  You must check your child in and out every day on the Procare computer in the classrooms. Please stop by the office to set up your personal codes.  Anyone that is allowed to pick your child up should set up their own personal codes.  If you need help, please ask any of the staff and they can walk you through the procedure of clocking in/out.  If classroom staff are not available, please stop by the office for assistance. If your child is a VPK student they are required to attend from 9:00 am- 12:00 pm. 
  •  Enrichment Classes: Sign up for enrichment classes that are offered at an additional fee. We currently offer Happy Feet ($90 for 12 weeks), Spanish with Ms. Margaret Warren ($70 for 10 weeks), Little Dancing Stars ($80 for 9 weeks) and Music Class with A Finer Art ($90 for 10 weeks).  Dates for each class still to be determined. 

UNF Preschool Staff  

  • Director- Mahreen Mian,
  • Assistant Director- Jessica Gonzalez  
  • Office Manager- Luciann Tappin
  • Bear’s Teacher- Sheila Mastriana
  •  Dolphin’s Teacher- Nancy Winckler-Zuniga
  • Cardinal’s Teacher- Marie Beattie
  • Manatees Teacher- Ivory Brown