What the ITGC Reviews

Each month, the ITGC has the opportunity to review the entire work effort in front of the ITS team, regardless of size or complexity.  Very few project requests and projects that are currently being worked on are brought to the ITGCs full attention.  There is little value in asking the ITGC to provide input on a request where the university has little choice on implementing.  

Performing maintenance on Blackboard or upgrading to the most recent release of Banner Student are all projects IT has to take on because choosing not to would have a negative impact on normal university operations.  The ITGC is made aware of these types of requests during the monthly meeting, but it is not the main purpose of the committee's work.  Instead, the ITGC focuses on large, organizationally complex efforts. 


Generally speaking, in order for a project request to be brought to the attention of the ITGC, the request usually (but not always) will have one or more of the following characteristics.  IT project requests which:


  • are estimated to take 80 hours or more of IT resource time
  • are viewed as high risk
  • are viewed as highly visible (internally/externally/both)
  • have a substantial financial commitment
  • present a strategic opportunity; and
  • are discretionary in nature


In addition to the above, each ITGC representative reserves the right to bring a project to the attention of the committee regardless of whether one of the above criteria apply to that particular request.