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Parents Council 

2018 Parents Association

Overview of the Parents Council

The Parents Council works to encourage interaction between parents and the University. It also supports the services provided to parents through the Office of Parent and Family Programs. The Parents Council assists with event planning, recruiting and fundraising. The Council represents the interests of and supports families during their student’s matriculation at UNF while communicating their concerns to the University.

Members of the 2017-2018 Parents Council:
Wendy Corso-Ruud, Boca Raton, FL
Brad and Tracy Carter, Boca Raton, FL

“Charlie” C.D. Cochol-Hobbick, New Port Richey, FL

Martha Fulford, Elkton, FL
Nathlyn Hemmingway, Jacksonville, FL
Sheri and Richard Henderson, Jacksonville, FL
Terry Hillan, Jupiter, FL

Mark Mahoney, Tallahassee, FL
Christine Nagle, Jacksonville, FL
Shelia and Mike Rees, Deland, FL
Wanda Vega, Bunnell, FL

We will be adding new members next year so that the terms will be staggered. If you are interested in serving on the Parents Council, visit the 'forms and applications' page for an application.

Contact the Council  

Do you have questions about UNF that you would like to have answered by a parent? Are you interested in finding out more about UNF from a parent perspective? Feel free to email one of the Parent Council members listed below:

Wendy Corso-Ruud
Boca Raton, FL
Anika, Class of 2019
Elementary Education

Tracy Carter
Brad Carter

Boca Raton, FL
Joshua Carter, Class of 2017

“Charlie” C.D. Cochol-Hobbick
New Port Richey, FL
Tygue William Kenneth Clausen, Class of 2019
Nutritional Science

Martha Fulford
Elkton, FL
Kevin, Class of 2019
Music Education

Nathlyn Hemmingway
Jacksonville, FL
Sasha, Class of 2017
International Business

Sheri Henderson
Richard Henderson

Jacksonville, FL
Sean, Class of 2016
Mechanical Engineering
Shelby, Class of 2018

Terry Hillan
Jupiter, FL
Alyssa, Class of 2019
Vocal Tech

Mark Mahoney
Tallahassee, Florida
Anthony Mahoney, Class of 2017
Biology (Environmental Sciences)

Christine Nagle
Jacksonville, FL
Lilian Nagle, Class of 2017
Biology, Biomedical Science

Shelia Rees
Mike Rees

Deland, FL
Samantha, Class of 2019
Pre. Med/Biology>


Wanda Vega
Bunnell, FL
Pedro, Class of 2018
Mechanical Engineering