UNF Parent of the Year Award

The UNF Parent(s)/Guardian(s)/Family of the Year Award is intended to celebrate the supportive role families play in the lives of students and the University community. Students are encouraged to nominate their parent(s), guardian(s), grandparent(s), or family who has had a profound influence on his or her life. The award is presented as part of UNF’s Family Weekend activities. 

2017 Parent(s)/Guardian(s)/Family of the Year Award Nominations

The UNF Parents Association created this award to honor the parent(s)/guardian(s) and families that provide support, encouragement, inspiration and positive influence to the life of a student. Nomiations are currently being accepted for 2017.  


  • All UNF undergraduate students are eligible to nominate their parent(s)/guardian(s)/family for the award. 
  • The award recipient must attend the UNF Family Weekend for the award presentation. 
  • All entries will be judged in strict confidentiality by the award committee. Your name and information will be removed from the application in order to ensure an unbiased decision. 
  • The recipient will receive a free hotel stay for Family Weekend, a congratulatory letter, gift and the nominated essay will be printed in the Osprey Parent News. 
  • By submitting a nomination form, you grant the Parents Association permission to mail your nominee(s) a copy of the entry form.

The nomination form for the 2017 Parent(s)/Guardian(s)/Family of the Year can be found by clicking here. The deadline to submit a nomination is Monday, Oct. 2. Please contact our office via email with questions. 


2016 Award Recipients 

2016 Parents of the Year
 Congratulations to Creighton Wells and Chantrell Ingraham-Wells, the recipients of the 2016 Parents of the Year award. Creighton and Chantrell were nominated by their daughter, JacheKirrya, a freshman majoring in Business Management.  



2016 Parent of the Year

 Congratulations to Kevin Campbell, the recipient of the 2016 Parent of the Year award. Kevin was nominated by his daughter, Hannah Campbell, a junior majoring in Communications.

We would like to recognize all of the nominees for the 2016 awards:

Dennis and Monica Adams – nominated by son, Eric, a junior majoring in Chemistry: Pre-Med

Suzan Birdsong – nominated by daughter, Tana, a freshman majoring in Business Management 

Nancy Boudreau – nominated by daughter, Savanna, a freshman majoring in Fine Arts

Makeitha Bryant and Antonio King – nominated by son, Tyree, a freshman majoring in Biology

Bernadette and Frank Chavez – nominated by daughter, Katherine, a freshman majoring in Biology: Biomedical Sciences

Rebecca and John Connors – nominated by daughter, Destiny, a freshman majoring in Nursing

Margy and Dean Coscia – nominated by son, Michael, a junior majoring in Business Management

Maria Decarlo and Zack Watson – nominated by daughter to Maria and sister to Zack, Cristina, a freshman majoring in Nursing

Tommie Gentile – nominated by daughter, Sunny, a junior majoring in Psychology

Holly Glasgow – nominated by daughter, Cierra, a freshman majoring in Health Administration

Jackie and David Iwaniec – nominated by daughter, Kimberly, a sophomore majoring in Business Economics

Charlotte and John Mezza – nominated by daughter, Melissa, a junior majoring in Middle School Education

Alpana and Cyrus Oomrigar – nominated by daughter, Rushna a junior majoring in Computing and Information Sciences

Gina Ponitz – nominated by daughter, Shannon, a senior majoring in Communications
Mary Lou Sanchez and Luis Miguel Rivas – nominated by daughter, Jessica, a freshman majoring in Political Science

Jeff and Deb Robles – nominated by son, Nicholas, a freshman majoring in Sports Management