Professional Poster Construction

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Use of These Materials

These Professional Poster Construction web pages were created for the explicit purpose of educating and training student scholars and faculty at the University of North Florida. In the interest of education and collegiality, students, faculty, and scholars from other institutions are also encouraged to utilize this site for education, training, and professional development. The content of these web pages is, however, protected under copyright. With the exception of individual posters used as examples, reproduction of these materials is permitted so long as the author, LouAnne B. Hawkins, and the University of North Florida are acknowledged. Numerous authors of posters have been generous enough to permit the inclusion copies of their posters as examples. These posters are being used with the consent of the authors. No poster or poster content may be reproduced or utilized without the expressed written consent of the original author(s).


Special thanks to Dr. Christopher Leone and members of his Person by Situation Interaction Research Team for their assistance and cooperation in creating these web pages. Much of what you will find on these pages was developed in cooperation with Dr. Leone. Over the years, members of his research team have implemented and evaluated these instructions and guidelines.

Special thanks to the staff of the Center for Instruction and Research Technology at the University of North Florida - Deb Miller, David Wilson, and Erin Soles.