Professional Poster Construction

Narrative or Text on a Poster

Remember, a poster is a VISUAL medium.  You primarily will serve as the text or narrative portion of your presentation. 

"You are the text."


On your poster:

  • Use images like graphs and figures (i.e., no less than 40%) rather than text.
  • Use phrases and bullets rather than complete sentences.
  • Use no more than sixty words in a single text element.
  • Use an active voice (i.e., subject-verb-object order) rather than a passive voice (i.e., object-verb-subject order).
  • Use language understood by a general audience rather than using jargon.
  • Use left-justified text rather than right or center-justified text.
  • Use regular sentence case (i.e., upper and lower case letters) rather than all capital letters.
  • Use serif fonts (e.g., Times New Roman) rather than sans-serif fonts (e.g., Arial, Helvetica) for text.
  • Use of sans-serif is acceptable at times for titles and headings.
  • Use at least 24-point font for text, at least 36-point font for headings, and at least 120-point font for the title.


Text sizes