Professional Poster Construction

Your Message

You have invested countless hours working on your research and now you plan to present your findings. This is an exciting opportunity. Unfortunately, that excitement and enthusiasm can lead presenters to make a common mistake - attempt to include ALL of their research findings on their poster.


Your first task then is to identify one or two of the most interesting findings from your research. These findings will become the focus of your poster. Do not worry - you may very well have the opportunity to discuss more of your findings. They just cannot be depicted on the poster.


As you familiarize yourself with the rest of the information about constructing and presenting your poster, you will notice a recurring message.

"You are the text."


Although your poster will have a single focus, you will have the opportunity to engage in discussions about your research with the various members of your audience. Your poster serves as an introduction to your research. It is, however, very important that your poster and schpiel (i.e., your short prepared presentation) is precisely focused. Focusing your message will enable you to develop a poster and presentation that have a managable amount of information.