Professional Poster Construction

Focus of a Professional Poster

Once you have determined the message you want to convey, outline the specific points necessary to support your message. You may want to start by asking yourself:

  • What do we already know about the subject? (Create a context for your work.)
  • What research question or hypothesis did my study address? (You will need to focus your poster on one of what may be many questions or hypotheses addressed in your research.)
  • How did I go about addressing this question or testing this hypothesis? (Outline your methodology.)
  • After completing my study, what did I find out about the question or hypothesis? (Limit yourself to addressing on your poster your most important findings.)
  • How does this contribute to what was already known about the subject? (Make your research meaningful to your audience.)

Create a Mock Poster

You can either use index cards or pieces of paper to illustrate and plan how you would like to arrange the information for your poster.


Alternatively, you can plan your poster in PowerPoint by inserting boxes and information into a slide.





Now Edit Relentlessly!

Simplify! Simplify! - simplify language, simplify sentence structure, consider using bulleted information.


Eliminate any nonessential information and details.  Remember:

"You are the text."


Minimize the details on your poster because you will elaborate on the details and answer questions as you present your poster.