Professional Poster Construction

Poster Colors


Use color to attract attention, emphasize important information, and coordinate related ideas.

  • Light colored backgrounds with dark colored text are best for printed mediums like posters, whereas dark colored backgrounds with light colored text are best for projected mediums like PowerPoint. 
  • Avoid using more than three colors in your poster. 
  • Use colors in a consistent manner to avoid confusing or distracting your audience.  
  • Extremely bright colors are difficult for your audience to read and may repel your audience.



For more information about color themes, refer to Adobe's - a web-hosted application for generating color themes.


Especially when designing graphics, avoid the use of red and green combinations. Otherwise, individuals who have particular types of problems differentiating colors (i.e., color blind) will have difficulty deciphering your graphs and images.


Visit the following sites for additional information about creating visuals that are sensitive to the needs of individuals with various forms of color deficiencies: