Research Grant Recipients


Research Grants

Research Grants Fall 2017

Research Grants Spring 2017 

Research Grants Fall 2016

Conference and Travel Grants



Erin Bisesti and Dr. Jenny Stuber, Sociology; $880 to Montreal, Canada



Steven Stone and Dr. Christos Lampropoulos, Chemistry; $400 to Chicago, Illinois

Eric Williams and Dr. Christos Lampropoulos, Chemistry; $500 to Chicago, Illinois






Marc McLeod, Kien Tran, Rita West, Samira Zibair and Dr. David Waddell, Biology; $1,000 to Chicago, Illinois

Nicholas Diaz and Michael Richardson, Exercise Science; $1,000 to Denver, Colorado and Greenville, South Carolina

Katherine Skinner and Dr. Christine Aikens, Chemistry; $200 to Manhattan, Kansas

Morsal Osmani, Vincent Volante, Bianca Mattern, and Brian Coughlin, Biology; $450 to New Orleans, Louisiana

Angelique Castro and Dr. Thobias Sando, Civil Engineering; $500 to Washington, D.C. 



Ricder Ricardo and Sheila Goloborokto, Art and Design; $250 to Atlanta, Georgia

Michael Bourg and Pramod Govindan, Computing, $200 to Orlando, Florida

Stephanie Brown, India Hamilton, Tyler Charles, Caleb Harden, and Dr. Janice Seabrooks-Blackmore; $350 to Sarasota, Florida



Florida Undergraduate Research Conference Registration

Wendy Jureski and Dr. Anne Pfister, Anthropology

Andrew Faus and Dr. Vladimir Moshanov, Biology

Gabriella Alqueza, Education

Kalani Davis, Education

Norelle Walker and Dr. Dawn Witherspoon, Psychology

Shana Sands and Dr. Dawn Witherspoon, Psychology