Poster Printing  

Please read this page entirely before submitting a poster for printing!


Pay for poster printing. 


Submit your poster for printing. 




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Requirements for printing posters through OUR

First, you must pay for your poster using the link above. After you have paid for your poster, use the other link above to submit your poster file to the Office of Undergraduate Research. 

  • We are happy to print posters for undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and staff 
  • You may send a PowerPoint file or a PDF file
  • The dimensions of the PowerPoint slide must be set to the desired poster dimensions (i.e., if you would like your poster to be 36"x48", you must side your PowerPoint slide to 36"x48")
  • One side of your poster cannot exceed 42 inches (i.e., your poster cannot be 48" x 48")
  • Label the file using the last name(s) for each author and poster dimensions (e.g., Smith 36x48)
  • You must submit the poster for printing no later than 5 business days before you need it for pick-up
  • You must pay for your poster in full before pick-up

If you have questions regarding poster printing requirements, email Kelsey Eagen at

 Cost of poster printing

  • The cost of poster printing is $.54 per linear inch 
  • The cost is determined by the longest edge of the poster, meaning a 36 x 48 inch poster would cost $25.92 (i.e., 48 inches x $.54 = $25.92) plus tax
  • When Marketplace asks for the "quantity" of posters, DO NOT ENTER "1"; enter the number of inches along the longest side
  • Students paying for a poster should use the link above and pay with a debit or credit card
  • Faculty/Staff paying for a poster should email so that we can invoice your department 
Feel free to modify and use the templates above. If you need help creating your poster, click here for a PowerPoint with some poster creation tips. If you need more help creating a poster, you may email or use our online system to make an appointment.