February 22-23, 2019

University of North Florida 



Conference information

The Florida Undergraduate Research Conference (FURC) is one of the nation's largest multi-disciplinary research conferences. FURC is an annual event open to all undergraduate researchers in the state of Florida to present their research in a poster forum. Every year the conference will be hosted at a different university in the state on the last weekend in February. In addition to research presentations, there are also exhibitors from graduate programs and other opportunities targeted for students involved in undergraduate research. 


The 2019 Florida Undergraduate Research Conference (FURC) will be held at the University of North Florida from February 22-23.  


The Office of Undergraduate Research at UNF will provide registration for all students presenting at FURC 2019. It is the student responsibility to pay for their poster (about $25). Registration for FURC 2019 is $50 and includes reception hors d'oeuvres on Friday evening and refreshments and lunch on Saturday.

More information about FURC 2019 will be available soon.



Student testimonies from FURC 2017

"I am writing to thank you for the opportunity to present my research post-graduation at the Florida Undergraduate Research Conference. This was my first experience at FURC and the event was absolutely enriching in all of its entirety. I would highly encourage all students from all majors to attend. It is the perfect environment for new presenters of research as well as experienced presenters to gain the necessary skills needed to become a more seasoned speaker and presenter." 


"The conference was a way for me to practice my presentation skills, network with other students, faculty, and college recruiters. There were also opportunities to attend valuable workshops that prepare you with great advice for graduate school! "


"Valuable experience presenting in a professional multi-disciplinary setting."

"Overall a great experience for my first conference. Would definitely recommend other students participate."


"It allowed me to see how satisfying it is to be able to spread knowledge to other individuals and possibly have an impact on their lives. [...] It was great that so many graduate schools were there and willing to assist students. I originally had no intention of applying to graduate school now but have had a change in heart."


"This conference helped me in not only confirming what I want to pursue in a career but it helped me gain more experience in learning about other student's research. I networked with other undergraduates and was able to step foot out of my comfort zone."


"It allowed me to share my research with other students. I was also able to speak with other students about their research. This was very insightful because I was able to hear about research being conducted in all fields, as opposed to solely my major."


"It was awesome! I truly loved it! It made me fall in love with research all over again!"


"This conference gave me a chance to experience a piece of the life that I would like to live forever while at the same time providing me with insightful information from workshops that I could never get in the classroom."


"The chance to share one's passion for their work is invaluable. Seeing other's passion also inspires us to do more. There was such a diverse range of topics that it was impossible not to learn from each of them. The ongoing seminars were also a great benefit."


"I got some good feedback as to the direction I should take my project. It was also very motivational to hear from other professors that they were very impressed with what I was doing."


"The conference was very affirming to the research that I have conducted thus far, and even more so to me as an individual. If I may be candid, the personal affirmation proved to be more beneficial. The new friendships I formed with fellow students, FAU ambassadors, and OUR faculty was more enriching than I could have imagined. FURC helped me grow, and I'm still riding on a high because of it. When I said I'll never forget FURC 2017, I meant it."


"Exposed me to presenting my research which will help me practice for larger upcoming conferences."


"Gave me a chance to talk about my research on my own. Gave me confidence that I know what I'm doing."


"The conference allowed me to be exposed to what other research was being conducted by my peers and what fascinating discoveries and findings they have made as a result. I have also learned a lot from the workshops that will be beneficial for me in the near future."


"FURC 2017 was an amazing experience for me. Because I am set to graduate at the end of this semester, I made sure to thoroughly enjoy my experience. I learned a lot about the interesting research that is being done in Florida institutions. Since I am a Biology major, I really enjoyed hearing about undergraduate research on biological topics such as microbiology, genetics, physiology, etc. I also liked the workshops that were offered in the conference, and I went to one that taught how to write a well-written personal statement. I took some notes and I am making sure to apply what I learned once I am writing my personal statement for the upcoming application cycle. The research and the workshops, as well as the intellectual environment that I was surrounded with has only increased my motivation to pursue my goals of becoming a physician, and that is why I would like to thank Ms. Kelsey, Ms. Ashley, and Ms. Dixon for organizing this awesome trip."


"I attended as just an observer, but it had a huge impact in showing me what will be in store for me once I begin my undergrad research journey. I am very proud of my school for having so many students represent the amazing contributions to science happening at UNF. I am looking forward to a wonderful academic career at this school."





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How does "presenting" at work at FURC?

Students are required to have a poster no larger than 36" x 48" with their research information printed on the poster (for example posters, visit the Office of Undergraduate Research). Students will stand in front of their posters for around 1 hour. During that hour, audience members will walk by the posters and will stop at the posters that they wish to learn more about. If an audience member stops at your poster, which they will, then you will explain your project to that audience member. You should have a catchy hook when you first begin speaking, then explain your project to that person from start to finish. Be sure to explain your project in terms of a general audience. Because FURC is interdisciplinary, many of your audience members will not have background knowledge in your discipline. Sometimes you will be speaking to one audience member, other times you you will be speaking with up to 10 audience members. You should not expect people to walk up to your poster and read it without wanting an explanation from you. Be prepared to share your research! 



What if I haven't finished my research? Can I still present? 

Yes. FURC welcomes research ideas, preliminary research, and finalized research projects. 



How do I make a poster? What is included on a poster? Where do I print the poster?

Poster help can be found on our website under Poster Printing. Typically, an introduction, method, results, and discussion are included on a poster. Depending on your topic and discipline, information may vary. For additional assistance with poster design, schedule an appointment with an Office of Undergraduate Research staff member for a one-on-one poster consultation. Posters are printed in the Office of Undergraduate Research for a discounted rate of $.54 per linear inch (which ends up being around $24 for the poster). 

Do I need to ask my faculty mentor if I can present at FURC?

Yes. All authors on your project should be consulted with before presenting research at any conference. Your faculty mentor should also assist with writing your abstract and creating your poster. 



Can my parents, relatives, and/or friends come to see me present?

Yes. They may visit the campus to watch your presentation. If they want to stay for lunch, then they will have to register and pay the $50 registration fee. 

What should I wear to present at FURC?

When presenting at a conference, business casual is usually the best style. Try to avoid jeans, tank tops, and flip flops. Comfortable shoes are important, as you will be walking around for 10 hours on Saturday.

I don't know how to write an abstract or how to communicate my research using a poster board. Can someone help me?

Yes. Make an appointment with a staff member in OUR for a one-on-one conference consultation. Remember, all meetings and consultations with OUR are free.

Your website says that the bus to FURC leaves at 10 AM. What if I am late?

If you arrive after the bus has left UNF, then you will have to find another method of transportation. You must arrive at the bus meeting location if you are traveling with us. We cannot make any exceptions. 

If I ride the bus to FURC do I have to ride the bus back to UNF?

No. You should indicate all travel plans in the hotel and travel accommodations registration survey. If your plans change, you should contact Kelsey Eagen (kelsey.eagen@unf.edu) immediately.

How will I get from the hotel to the conference on Friday and Saturday?

The bus will take us from the hotel to the conference and from the conference back to the hotel. 


Do I have to stick with the UNF group the entire time? What about dinner on Friday night? 

No you do not have to stay with the UNF group during the duration of the trip. You should, however, plan to travel in groups and let other UNF students/staff know where you are going. This is for safety purposes. If you leave the hotel, please let Kelsey know by way of text. Dinner on Friday night is not planned. Last year, groups of 5-15 went out to different restaurants after the reception. There will be a variety of restaurants, quick eats, bars, etc., within walking distance of the hotel. 

What should I bring to FURC?

Your poster, clothes for the reception on Friday, clothes for the presentation on Saturday, comfortable shoes, clothes for sleeping Friday night, phone charger, clothes to wear on the bus ride back on Saturday, toiletries, etc. We ask that you only bring one carry-on sized bag due to limited space. 



Previous FURCs


 Thank you to all of our students for making FURC 2017 such a wonderful trip. UNF had a total of 55 presentations, a number unmatched by any university in the state. To see pictures from FURC 2017, visit our Facebook page