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Swoop Squad Application

Please do not use any of your browser's navigation buttons until you have clicked "Submit Application" to complete the process. It is recommended that you save essay question answers in a word document and copy and paste them into the application form.
Please note, you must present a valid social security card to be employed by UNF.



Please fill out the form below. Separate multiple email addresses with a semicolon (;).

 Personal Information  
 Full Name: *
N Number: *  
 Birth Date: *    mm/dd/yy
Address: *
City: *  
State: *
Zip Code: *
Phone Number: *    
Alternate Phone Number:  
E-mail: *
Do you currently live on campus?  

Are you currently employed on campus?  

How did you learn about being an Orientation Team Leader? *



 University Information  
UNF Classification:  
Major: *  
Years attended UNF: *
Total Semester Hours Completed at UNF: *
How did you begin at UNF? 

If you transferred into UNF,

where else did you attend?

Are you planning on taking classes Summer 2015?

Talents and Abilities  
Please rate your ability to handle the following tasks.
 Weak                       Strong
Initiate conversation with strangers

Facilitate small group discussions

Speak in front of a large crowd

Work as a team player

Handle early morning events with enthusiasm

Communicate with students by e-mail

Communicate with students/parents over the phone

Memorize large sums of information accurately

Take initiative and work independently

Generate creative ideas

Arrive to work and events on time
  Extracurricular Activities & Future Plans  
On-Campus Extracurricular Activities
Off-Campus Extracurricular Activities
Plans after Graduation
 Essay Questions  
Please select ONLY THREE of the following questions and answer with approximately 4-6 sentences.

1. What personal strengths do you posses that will make you a unique addition to the Swoop Squad?
2. What is one thing we should know about you?
3. Evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses.
4. Describe your experience as a UNF student.
5. Describe your own Orientation experience, and the experience you would like to create for first years students at their Orientation.
Permission for Release of Grades  

As a Swoop Squad applicant and for as long as I am a UNF Swoop Squad Leader, I give my permission for my grades to be released to the UNF Welcome Center and Office of Orientation.


Your permission for the release of your grades is required to submit your Swoop Squad application.  






 Please review your application and make sure the information you have provided is accurate. Click the "Submit Application" to complete the process. If you do not see a confirmation page after clicking the button, please scroll up and make corrections to items highlighted in red. Once you have made the corrections, click the submit button again.