Records & Registration Forms


DOWNLOAD Apostille Request: Students may request notarized copies of transcripts and/or diplomas for the purpose of pursuing an Apostille Seal. Diplomas are $10 and transcripts are $8. Payment is due at the time the request is submitted. Learn more about Apostille.


Diploma Request: Diploma Requests are available online. The request form can be found by clicking the following link: Diploma Request.



Enrollment Verification: Enrollment Verification is available online in myWings. Please click here for more information regarding this feature.

DOWNLOAD Florida Virtual Campus Instructions: UNF students seeking to enroll in another institution temporarily to transfer credit back to UNF may use this instruction sheet for assistance accessing the Florida Virtual Campus Transient Admission Application.


Grade Forgiveness: Grade Forgiveness is available online in myWings. Please click here for more information regarding this online feature.


Graduation Application: The Graduation Application is available online in myWings. If you are unable to complete that application, or wish to apply after the deadline, please see your academic advisor for assistance.  


DOWNLOAD   Name/Address Change



Residency Reclassification: Current students may apply for Residency Reclassification.


Term Forgiveness: Term Forgiveness requests are initiated through your academic advisor. Please click here for more information regarding term forgiveness and this new online feature. 


Transcript Re-Evaluation Request: Request the re-evaluation of a transfer course with regard to General Education or the Gordon Rule Writing requirement. Consult your academic advisor prior to completing this form.


DOWNLOAD Transcript Request: Current and former UNF students may request a transcript by submitting a completed Transcript Request form and payment. Learn more about transcript requests.

Transcript Request (Online): Students may request a transcript online through My Student Center using any major credit card. Learn more about transcript requests.



Adobe ReaderSome application forms are available in PDF format. You will need a PDF viewer, such as the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents. Some browsers also have plug-ins designed for viewing PDF files. Click on one of the links above to see if your browser already supports this format. If your browser asks if you would like to save the file, it does not have a PDF plug in, and you will have to install one before continuing.