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MyWings How-to Videos

Questions about something in myWings? Check out the videos below for quick tutorials on common issues.

General MyWings Videos

How do I log into myWings?   View

How do I establish or reset my myWings password?   View  

How do I view a UNF email I might have deleted?  View 

How do I grant my parent access to my records through the myWings Parent Portal?   View 

Registration Videos

How do I locate my registration time ticket?   View   

How do I look up what classes are available this term?   View 

How do I add a course to my schedule?   View  

How do I add myself to a wait list for a closed course?   View  

How do I withdraw from a course?   View   

Academic Records Videos

How do I obtain an official enrollment verification letter?   View 

How do I update my mailing address?   View 

How do I obtain an official UNF transcript?   View  

How do I review my status for the Excess Hours surcharge?   View 

Financial Aid Videos

How do I view my financial aid award?   View 

How do I accept or decline financial aid?   View 

Where do I view my verification requirements and the status of my verification?   View  

Where can I find the Mid-year Financial Aid Request?   View   

How do I complete a Financial Aid Authorization Form?   View    

I have a new red flag that reads, "Electronic Student Aid Reports Corrections have been made.

" What does that mean?   View   

Bill/Account Videos

How do I obtain my 1098T for tax purposes?   View   

How do I submit a fee petition?   View