Community Suppers

Community Suppers

OneJax at the University of North Florida and the JAX Chamber want to learn more about the communities they serve and encourage productive discussions about inclusion and diversity. Each Supper will be hosted by a community leader at a local restaurant.


As a diverse community with people from a multitude of backgrounds, nationalities, ethnic groups, religious traditions, gender identities, and sexual orientations, how do we live together, work together, play together, worship together? What needs to happen in our community to build a more inclusive society?


These intimate Suppers are designed to encourage meaningful dialogue in our community. Hosts will be provided with a discussion guide and step-by-step instructions. The Chamber and OneJax will provide support and guidance to all participants.


Through Community Suppers everday citizens can interact with new people and new ideas, leading to greater appreciation of our differences and similarities.


Together we can transform our community!

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Contact OneJax at or 904-620-1529.