Instructional Satisfaction Questionnaire (ISQs)

General information regarding ISQs has been moved to the following site:  


  • Accessing Individual Course ISQs Via FAIR
        • Log on to myWings.
        • In the HOME tab, go to Quick Links and click on the FAIR link.
        • After entering the FAIR system, in the FAIR Active Directory Login box, you will select either Log-in Type: Faculty Member or Administrative Faculty/Administrative Staff button.
        • On the left-hand side, under the Faculty Academic Reporting Module (FARM) section, click on the Instructional Satisfaction Questionnaire link.
        • This will open a separate window: INSTRUCTIONAL SATISFACTION QUESTIONNAIRE. Maximize that window for better viewing.
        • There are two Reporting Levels: Summary and Detailed – All Items.
        • Detailed – All Items: Report of individual course sections by faculty member.


        ***Faculty will be interested in this level to access their course results. Chairs/Deans will use this level to view the individual faculty results for each Department with the ability to print off all departmental faculty in one print job.  

      • Accessing the report (Faculty)
            • Select Term = current term (should be the default).
            • College & Department – The College and Department will default to your own.
            • Course Level – select ALL if you are interested in accessing all of your ISQ results, regardless of whether the section is undergraduate or graduate.
            • Report Option – select Online ISQs, Online ISQ Comments, or Paper ISQs. NOTE: Prior to Fall 2013, Online ISQs were labeled as “DL” ISQs. Paper ISQs refer to the historical ISQs scanned in via the paper Scantron forms prior to Fall 2013.
            • Click Submit.
            • Print off results (you may need to adjust your page setup to landscape orientation in order to get a report to fit on one page).
            • Public ISQs

              Interactive access to public ISQ data by College, Department, Course, Instructor, and other selection criteria using the web-based Instructional Satisfaction Questionnaire query form.

            • Campus Summary Reports