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Action Research for Teachers Planning


The planning stage is where you work out the details of who, what, when, where, and how the action research project will proceed. Think about the materials, time, and expertise you will need to be successful. Decide on your criteria for success: how will you know that the approach worked and how will you measure the results?

Gather Resources

Next you need to gather the resources that you previously identified. If you require materials or assistance you should verify that they will be available when you need them.

Identifying Obstacles

The next step in developing your AR plan is the identification of possible obstacles that would prevent or limit your projects success.


 It is important to identify these obstacles before a large amount of resources are committed to the project.


 Since it is often difficult to determine all of the impediments to success you should consider working with a partner and use a tool such as Think-Pair-Share.


 If the obstacles that you identify are insurmountable then you will need to select another solution and repeat the pervious planning activities.

Timeline of Action

Once you have selected an appropriate solution to the problem and developed a workable strategy you need to create a project timeline to accomplish the activities in the plan. This is important since resources (people, money, and materials) are scarce and they must be available and allocated. Institutions place enormous demands upon their employees and they need to know when resources are needed so they can be budgeted efficiently. To help you with this complex task there are a number of tools available. 

Gathering Reseources

The next step involves identify what resources including materials, information, and assistance is needed to solve the problem.

If you require items such as technical assistance, reference materials, and slide projectors then they need to be identified in the Action Research plan. 

Identify Assessments

The final step in planning is to develop a plan for determining the success of the project. You need to evaluate whether the objectives of the Action Research project have been satisfied. You must ascertain what can be measured and what number signifies the successful accomplishment of the project's objectives.

To help in this task you can use a fishbone organizer. Working by yourself or with a partner, label the head of the fish place the project objective. Along the bones place the items which indicate successful completion of the objective. Compare and discuss your items with other teachers your partner. You will need to decide the best items to be used in the evaluation of your action research project.