Mudlark No. 63 (2017)

                Wind skins sand where waves made ribbons, ribs. 
			    Sand flies east. 

                                                   Wave sound, sound wave. 

	Ideally, eyebrow technicians will be confident in eyebrow techniques
 	     such as shaping, lashes and tinting, and be highly motivated, 
with a strong focus on customer service and upholding the company brand.

                                                       And I still can’t find work?

   Incoming tide slips over long ridges of sand: 
				                 islands, disappearing in a circle of white foam. 
	              No one on the beach. Solomon Islands almost gone. Refugees 
  scattered across the globe. Bangladesh villagers 
			                       stare at water that used to be their home.
								                          Bodies clinging
	     to the undercarriage of trucks, crossing the border,
	  for the privilege of working some crap job on St. Helen’s:

old man stands at the back of a restaurant, smoking — 
				a forced smile — 
	                 looking for solitude or maybe a few words from a stranger (me) 
	    				                            to make sure he still exists. 
And I couldn’t hurry away fast enough, terrified 
					                 I was looking at my own fate...

					  Escaped into a chip shop. Found hatred
    in the eyes of the young man behind the counter from Iraq 
	       						       when he found out I was American. 

					  Lost his entire family.
                                              Shock and awe.

Christien Gholson  | Tidal Flats 20
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