Mudlark No. 54 (2014)

remember when the war started, this war without end?
I entered our invasion with Lorca as my constant companion

as though crossing the territory of an other language were a means
of preservation and resistance

he knows so much about terrible things, casual damage
sudden brutality

and a dense radiant joy at the base of lemon trees
that glistens and does not fail us

all around me Lorca’s words: sombra, torre, robles
the places where I walk: garzas, higuera creek, palo colorado

can it be 1936? is a poet being tortured today?
is it our government rending, doing the renditions?

justice, postponed
only increases in necessity, burns 

like an immense sun, weapons useless 
against its unyielding 

unbearable, unbreakable

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