Mudlark No. 42 (2011)

A Hematologists’ Conference

20,000 Hematologists in New Orleans spent
their mornings with little more than cold weather

waiting for heavy water studies in jail cells 
for investigators to be at risk of the cellular 

pathways applied so far to monoclonal blood.
In minimal clinic chic they enlarged true symptoms

normalized the frontline of fludarabine allowed
Germany to report a complete call back. 

The advantage was too young. Cancer is not 
Leukemia? Cross-dressing is not addiction? 

Progesterone is not a long-term study? 
There was a mob plus 39 months

a mythical monster named CAL consolidating 
induction therapies for an unfortunately high 

toxicity during German Phase 2’s abnormal 
chromosomes. As for Azerra (ofatumumab), 

did my father have bully lymph nodes? 
bald brackish nodules? We have higher 

concentrations of drugs. Revlimed continues 
to clear activity from multiple syndicates. 

A tolerant response rate with relapsed mirrors 
gives just the right flare to his glands

matures as if compared to the family steak
seven sights dissolved in one enzyme (PI 3-kinase) 

and oral sex. The rest was filled with steady 
stages rather than treating everyone 

with information with more information 
with more information to find the right more.

Nathaniel Vincent Mohatt | Mudlark No. 42 (2011)
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