Mudlark No. 42 (2011)

Folk art

She returns with purple heads 
fluorescent eyes a skyscraper

scene surrounded by taxis 
a catalog of durable art 

ready-to-wear roller derby 
of glass a heart of diamonds

a mind she returns with 
the walls of an art gallery 

a pink garter on her hip 
a limp a lick a garden show

returns me to the scene 
of escape its grass breasts 

encased in a brick middling
its metal wings bouncing

class photo signals strung 
light post to light post 

on the other side of the freeway 
its neon showcase infusing 

my skin with many colors 
with one more day 

of Cuban cuisine and clay 
with one more walkway

of air and playgrounds of 
walking and walking and 

Nathaniel Vincent Mohatt | Mudlark No. 42 (2011)
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