Mudlark No. 41 (2010)

To the Government

Assuming that few among you
have inhibiting personality disorders,
we the undersigned mindful individuals
offer our commiseration for your pledge
to act prudently and yet gain
the consent of your constituents,
charismatic selves, meanwhile,
rebelling against the commonality,
culture heroes shilling for profiteers,
the vulgar and the fatuous
seizing the rights of the streets,
perpetrators cruising the freeways.
assuming that few of you practice false pieties
or demagogueries of the right or left,
we commend to your attention
how otherwise negligible persons
accept the rule of law
and volunteer to operate the polling places,
accumulate acts of civility,
of independence, of reason,
sit with books better than they,
sing parts in the cathedral,
grope along the confines of the culture.
assuming that few of you are overtly philistine,
beholden to collusive sponsors,
or captive of theatrical or sportful tendencies,
we will join you in Pennsylvania, in Montana,
to take a census of their lore,
their affinities, their private movements,
and devise interventions
their troubles will understand,
who tap the maples,
dawdle in beach houses and taverns,
who fish in the Rio Bravo.

Oliver Rice | Mudlark No. 41 (2010)
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