Nimrod: “At Home in the World”; Margie: “Widening the Apertures”; The Hollins Critic: “In the Marvelous De-Centralized Way of Swans”; Skidrow Penthouse: “The Case of the Danish King Halfdene”; Louisiana Literature: “In Lieu of Lemon Jelly”; ShadowTrain: “An Enquiry Concerning the Apparent Dispersion of the Phyla”; The Stone Table Review: “Very Bad Poetry”; The Cincinnati Review: “Not Yet the Sounds of Speech” and “Progress as a Way of Historical Thinking”; new south: “Twilight of the Big Finish”; Knock: “All This Fervent Fare” and “Getting Through the Last Pages”; Tusculum Review: “In Xenia, They Prefer Zeppo”; Mad Hatters’ Review: “Instructions for Preservation of the Text” and “Hold Your Tongue”; The Pedestal Magazine: “Why Light was Invented”

Contents | Mudlark No. 35