Encrypted, The Unpredictable Carom of Aimé Césaire

Colonial organization finally knuckled under and Aimé Césaire walked through a fractal
in a battle of kerchiefs. The silence of logic no longer applied, in aggregates
or aptitudes or between ships at sea.

            Early on in the evolution of vertebrates priests would tend toward infinite length,
                              the lightweight forms of holy men dressed in a geometry of unconscious
                                                                        processes that had never been seen here before.

                                    Césaire saw this work as a reduced-scale replica of dimension:

“If the carom is unpredictable, then there is little not to understand.”

He did not reflect the West Indies simply to protect some dictatorial sense of sleep,
he took as a formal explosion the laws of carrier pigeons and dramatized
the reversal of the sky. There the women dress with their hearts
out of context to reveal the message of the hilltop’s embers.

                  Fractals associate themselves with distant neighbors hidden in ancient societies
      far beyond the original boundaries of any religion. The mechanism is contemplative.

Aimé Césaire walked through the world to write smoke signals
and a curve of claws because it must be viewed as a papyrus or a pair of feet,
and on this first-last day he built the first-last day in a burning field of real-world burning.

Jeffrey Little | Mudlark No. 22
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